ZoPush Review-A Month of Using This Personalized Browser Push Notification Service

Browser notification is a new marketing channel to re-engage your audience. Many big and some small players have already started using it, and have increased their conversion up to 200%.  You will find many browser push notification services, but choosing the one that fulfills all your expectations and demands is what matters. So, sharing the review of one of the best push notification service, based on my personal experience.

ZoPush Browser Notification Review

Effectiveness (at driving traffic)4 stars
Effectiveness (at getting subscriptions – Opt-ins)4.5 stars
Effectiveness (at engagement – CTR)4 stars
Ease of use4.5 stars
Personalization capability5 stars
Pricing4 stars
Customer Support4.5 stars
Summary 4.7 stars

What made me pick Zo Push web push notifications are the two main features that are lacking in most push notification providers – 1:1 personalization and easy one click opt-in. The later has been really effective in getting more subscribers, which is otherwise a big challenge.

I really like how easy it is to simply pick a template, customize it as per your campaign needs, and preview your notification before sending it out. Your notification looks exactly how you want it to and with all the elements you’d like to add – call to action, landing page URL, images etc.

Another very interesting benefit, which has been of great use for me, is auto segmentation of subscribers based on users’ on-site behaviour, where they opt in from etc. This has helped me understand my audience better so that I can run smart personalized web push notification campaigns as per users’ intent and motivations.

And then they have push automation! Who wouldn’t want that a notification is pushed out to subscribers as soon as a new post gets published on their website, automatically? Additional points for this one.

One drawback: I wanted to test their drip functionality but it is still under process. So, if you need a browser push notification service provider with this benefit, Zo Push doesn’t offer it yet.

For TechnoFizi, ZoPush is working really well.

This is a great browser notification service provider for content websites to try!

Though they haven’t put it upfront as a benefit, I think that their speed of sending notifications is unmatched. With ZoPush you can send out almost a million notifications in less than 5 minutes. Combined with its personalization ability, just imagine how much traffic this service can get to your website!

Moreover, it takes no more than 20-30 seconds you can create and customize your notifications, which you can send out to your auto segmented set of users.

What is ZoPush

ZoPush is a personalized browser push notification service by Wigzo. It works really well for content websites like mine, online travel businesses, eCommerce, and other online businesses.

Simply add the code snippet to your website, which you will get on signing up. Once you have added the code to your website, you can start sending ‘opt-in’ notifications to your website visitors.

Once a visitor clicks on ‘allow’, he or she will start receiving notifications from you. This is pretty easy, because ZoPush has one click optin and doesn’t require users to share their email address.

You can customize these notifications for look and feel, add landing page URL to these notifications to take your visitors back to the page where they dropped off from or redirect them to their cart.

ZoPush Setup Process Ease

The level of ease of setting up ZoPush notifications is a 4.5 on 5. An extremely simple process that only requires you to copy paste a code snippet on to your website. It is also very simple to create your notifications – craft a copy, give your notifications a title, select a relevant image, add landing page URL, add a relevant call to action, preview, schedule or send. You don’t need to be a developer or coder to do these simple things!

ZoPush Stats Dashboard

You can see all the important metrics in one glance and get quick insights into how your web push notification is performing.

How Easy it is to Customize

Extremely easy! All I did to customize my first ZoPush browser notification was follow these seven simple steps:

  • Give your template a name
  • Enter notification title and body
  • Add an image for your notification
  • Add landing page URL
  • Set UTM parameters
  • Add a call-to-action
  • Choose an icon for your notification

Of course, the challenge is to craft a crisp and engaging copy, give a notification title that catches more eyeballs, and use really nice images on your notification.

My Favorite ZoPush Features

  • Push automation: I don’t need to create a notification every time I publish something new on my blog or have a new item added to stock. I’ve been specifically looking for this feature and even tried Onesignal, but they don’t have this feature.
  • One click optin: This has increased opt-ins on my website significantly. Users simply don’t need to share their email IDs and that is what appeals to them the most.
  • 1:1 personalization: Set and send notifications based on user actions and triggers. See how users are interacting with your website, set some triggers and send notifications at the right time to get maximum click throughs as well as sales.
  • Multi Device and Browser Support: Works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, across all devices – desktop, mobile, tablets.

Benefits of Using Browser Notification Services Like ZoPush

  • Higher Opt-ins – A simple opting in procedure ensures that you get higher opt-in rates. I’ve seen a 7x increase in opt-ins on my own website!
  • Higher Click Through Rates – Easy customization and personalization ensures that only relevant messages are sent and there is absolutely no spamming. Results – higher CTR.
  • Faster Traffic Acquisition and Control – You can create one notification within 20-30 seconds, which can bring you much more traffic to your website at the right time. The more subscribers you get, the more engagement and re-engagement you can win from them.
  • Absolutely Unobtrusive: First, you don’t need email IDs to send users. Second, you send notifications only for users who have ‘allowed’ them.

How to Get the Most from Your ZoPush Notifications – Tips

  • Incentivize Opt-ins: Increase opt-in rates further by offering an incentive to users who allow users. Give them a coupon code for free three month subscription and see your opt-in rates skyrocket.
  • Use Welcome Messages: Your welcome notification could be help users pick their prefered category. It could simply ask them, to pick their favorite categories – entertainment, technology, or world news, etc. which they would like to receive notifications about.
  • Use Triggers and Actions: Closely gauge visitor interest, intent, and motivations. See what categories from your blog they recently visited. Track what articles they read. Define triggers based on user activity on your website, and push more well timed notifications.
  • Automate and Autosegment: I’ve already talked about it earlier in this review. This is a great hack to increase more CTR on your push notifications.

A General Evaluation – ZoPush Potential

ZoPush browser notifications are fetching me 30 subscribers per day on an average! I can now tell that the potential is massive. Not just that, engagement on my blog from ZoPush is pretty close to what I am getting from any other channel of engagement. It is undoubtedly worth the money that I am spending. The average click through rate that I am getting on my ZoPush notifications is 20%.

ROI of Web Push Notifications – They convinced me with numbers!

So, I stumbled upon a tweet from Wigzo before signing up for ZoPush. Here’s the screenshot that got me totally convinced to try them out:



Where one of their customers is getting 23% revenue from Facebook, the same customer gets 19% revenue from their web push notifications. Imagine the insane amount that customer would be spending on Facebook campaigns. On the other hand push notifications are far more cost effective and generating pretty close the same revenue. Even for my content based website, I get much more traffic and engagement by spending a lot less on other paid channels. I am sold to web push notifications!

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