About Us

Technofizi is a mission started in 2010 with an aim to promote the upcoming engineering techniques and utilize the day to day life equipment with the engineering and have a successfully implemented technology. We started up with 5 members and have grown upto 50 members. We have been building various projects in field of Robotics such as Humanoids with Artificial Intelligence and many other advanced robotics projects. We even are building a technical knowledgebase to spread technical knowledge to the common man with our new project. We invest our time in bringing new products to be useful for common man. We have doing this for the betterment of the nation and would keep on doing the same whole heartedtly.

Shubham Chugh & Dharmesh Goyal are the founders of these pojects and have been consistentaly working on these projects with their dream to reach every house worldwide in terms of both products and knowledge which they have been spreading and will continue to do so.