Best Action Camera to buy under $100

Absolute best Action Camera in 2018 - Editors pick

Biker, Traveler or any sports enthusiasts like whatever, Camera's are needed. The time speedily heading towards the need behind best action cam which can capture each and everything, especially and overall whatever adventure you're doing. 

Action Camera's are just not minor camera's which capture images, videos etc. But there are a lot of features you witness in a mini box. You can make continuous lapse, time lapse, put it over your helmets or dive with them to capture underwater life. You got a lot to with that mini compact box.

Top Quality Action Camera


The offering of the professional Full HD camera with 30 fps of video recording and 14MP of still image capturing. With 170 degrees wide angle lens and 7 layers of glass lens which manages to capture premium perfection. There is nothing to not put it on the top quality. The mini compact box is designed to be used in extreme conditions. Now whether it be snorkeling, climbing, biking, driving, gliding, surfing, diving or any sport. You can enjoy your best.

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Yet again another amazing camera which offers literally everything which you can expect from professional 4K action camera. Amazing response rate 25 fps in 4k and 30fps in 2.7K. Counting on to image part then 12MP photos at 30 frames per second like traditional HD cameras. Controlling can be easily managed by wireless remote control upto the range of 10-15 meters. Quite amazing battery life it has to offer. The packing comes with 2 batteries. Nevertheless, it has WiFi and HDMI to edit share and use on instant basis. Above all, it comes with the waterproof case which can save it upto 100 meters and that's quite sufficient.

Best Action Camera to buy in 2017

Best Action Camera to buy in 2018 Under $100 - Detailed comparison

 We always get confused within many camera. Companies has a lot to give. So we have done a good research and here is the conclusion.

Top 5 Action Camera under $100 by Editor's Choice



Prices & Details

Best Action Camera to buy in 2017


Best Action Camera to buy in 2017


Best Action Camera to buy in 2017

YI Lite

Best Action Camera to buy in 2017

Eken H9R

Best Action Camera to buy in 2017

DBPower 4K

DBPower EX5000

Best Affordable Camera

The world of adventures you don't want miss capturing it. This one is the most appropriate in my vision as it is the most budgeted one with lots of features. You can carry it anywhere the small, compact and portable. It can capture real 1080P HD 30 fps of recording and 14 megapixels photos of good quality from its 170-degree ultra wide angle lens. Despite this, it can easily record 720P at 30 Fps or WVGA or VGA with high details. It carries 2 Inch HD LCD Display that lets you playback all the captured videos.

Adding on, it comes with Built-in Wifi that lets you take full control of your sharing on the spot of capturing from its app. You can download its app to your smartphone or tablet. The packing comes with 2 rechargeable batteries that last upto 90 minutes of recording. So wait for nothing and purchase this amazing waterproof camera and capture all your actions and adventures.


  • In budget Action Camera
  • 14Mp high quality images 
  • Waterproof  upto 30 meters
  • Wifi support
  • 2 Inches LCD Display


  • Video stabilization isn't very effective.
  • The batteries last me between 45-60 minutes on 1080.

Akaso EK7000

The most durable

The  Akaso Ek7000 action camera designed to withstand all the extreme weather conditions and not let your actions get failed from capturing. You can capture the ultra-HD 4K videos at 25 fps and 2.7K videos at 30 fps and 1080P at 60 fps amazingly sharper and lifelike 12 MP images which are creatively distinctly smooth. You can capture moods and moments at 30 frames per second. Capture images or time-lapse shoot according to your preferences. 

Control the beauty of your images with the app and the device comes with built-in WiFi which helps you control the camera from 15 meters. Nevertheless, it comes with the waterproof cover which can save the camera up to 100 ft. Counting on to battery part then it comes with chargeable batteries where a battery lasts for 40-50 minutes in 1080P.


  • 4K Ultra HD Video Recording
  • 4 Shooting modes: Video, Camera, Burst Shot, Time Lapse
  • 2 in LCD display
  • Built-In WIFI & HDMI


  • Waterproof cover is not durable.
  • App isn't very responsive at times.

Y1 Lite

Loaded with Features

Y1 lite features the advanced electronic Stabilization which gives you amazingly stable pictures upto 1440p/30fps so you can keep recording adventures with the clearer images and stable pictures. It has the 6 layered ultra wide angle glass surely which is less than the above 2 yet it can give the good brief of 150-degree angle with an aperture of f2.8 which gives amazingly bright videos. Its Self-defined image quality parameters let you get an amazing image and video quality even in low lights.

Nevertheless talking about the connectivity then it has built-in 4.1 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and dual-band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Wi-Fi. Without any doubt seamlessly get connected with your captured images and videos. You can witness all that you've captured on its touchscreen 2 inches LCD panel which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. you can use 9 shooting modes in high frame-rates upto 120 fps. And the best overall is the chargeable battery, that can last upto 130 mins under continuous working.


  • 2” LCD touchscreen
  •  High-frame rate at up to 120fps
  • High quality 16 megapixel images and record videos in up to 4K 
  • Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization
  • The 150° ultra-wide angle lens


  • Weak Indoor Performance
  • Unresponsive screen

Eken H9R

Like a Spy Action Camera

Again an amazing camera which features almost similar things like above. Maybe little variations in functions. It is a High-Resolution 4K action Camera with 4K at 25 focal points and 2.7K at 30 fps. 1080 at 60 fps. Nevertheless, like all other action cameras, it has built-in wifi and HDMI output. You can share your captured images and videos instantly. Its wifi signal ranges upto 33 feet plus the camera supports real-time display on TV as well.

Counting on to activities, you can capture anything with the 170-degree wide angle. Underwater too, as it comes with waterproof case and any environmental condition, you can make this compact object capturing box as a good companion.

However, the display is not touch screen like Y1 lite, yet it has 2 inches LCD FHD display High-Quality one for your videos playback and photo playback. Eken H9R probably not best camera yet a satisfactory one. You can go through the whole review of Eken H9R here


  • Ultra HD
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with all weather conditions


  • Image quality is less satisfactory
  • 0 low light performance.

DBPower 4K

7 layers Optical glass lens

The 7 layered glass lens professional action camera offers 4k videos at 25 fps and captures 12MP still premium quality images within 170-degree wide angle lens. You can witness that all what that you have captured on 2" LCD screen. The device is quite compact and comfortable wherever you wanna drag it. 

 If offers various functions like Time Laps, Burst Photo, Continuous Lapse, Looping Video and much more to capture all your adventures. even it comes with a selfie stick do you can capture yourself too with the wide background. Nevertheless, like all, it is waterproof and offers all similar features.


  • Comes with selfie stick
  • Waterproof & Durable
  • WiFi Function
  •  2.4G Remote Control


  • Overall performance is just Okay not quite good.

What should you know before buying an Action Camera

The world is turning way more of about capturing actions than to stillness and so it relates to increasing demand for action cameras. Perhaps, the demand for DSLRs cannot be decreased but yes action camera owns their special places as you cannot carry DSLR everywhere. So go on with your mini cameras, capture all your actions in wide angle and nevertheless they come with the very minimal price.

Best Action Camera to buy in 2017

What most people understand from buying an Action Camera is just looking for Go Pro. So let me make it very clear that Go Pro is just another brand which offers amazing action cameras which are beyond best. But there are many companies which offer many Action Cameras at the cheaper price and quite satisfactory as per the demands. So go on, whether it be biking or motocross or climbing or underwater life. Enjoy your action, and relive them by capturing it in you compact boxes. So let's see what points you need to check while buying an action camera.

  • The first point we need to see is the video and image quality of the Action Camera, as it is even satisfactory or not. How many focal points and pixels do your actions need while getting framed? Like most action camera uses 25-30 Fps in 4K videos that is quite sufficient for detailed videos.
  • Then comes the point of portability. Usually, action cameras come in very small compact and pocket-friendly body yet you need to check which one will be compatible with your helmets or boards or whatever action you feel like capturing. Despite this, the compatibility with remotes and WiFi should be accurately working.
  • Action cameras generally cover wide angles from the 5 to 7 layers of glass lenses. So you need to see. Whichever action camera you're planning to buy does it capture just 150 degrees or 170 degrees. According to your need.
  • The last point comes about the accessories that whether your action camera comes with all the needed accessories or not, suitable batteries are available or not. The wireless remote is there in the offering or likes if you need to get it with the portable tripod or selfie stick and many more things. These things some companies offer with camera pack and other not so one must check it with their personal demand.

Final conclusion about buying best Action Camera

The world of actions are running quite fast, and sometimes it can be hard to chase it, so how out capturing all of it in our mini compact portable boxes, which are crazily comfy in terms of capturing all your lifelike adventures and images. So if you too are crazy about actions and adventures and feel like capturing it all,  you must go through our article.

We hope our guide helped you to find right Action Camera for you. And ah, we will make sure to include any newly available options around the market as part of our regular updates with these pieces. Till then, here’s us bidding adieu for today from this one.


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