10 Best Business Card Scanner App for Android and iOS

A business card contains all the information about a company or a person. These cards are essential to carry all the useful information about the concerned person such as email ID, phone number and address. People use to keep such cards in their wallet earlier, but now they use smartphones to keep the details along with the contact number of the relevant person.

Thanks to the smartphone world, there are many things that app can do and one such thing is carry your personal visiting card in your smartphone.

Best Business Card Scanner App

There are multiple apps available that let users save information by scanning such cards and sync them with the contact details so that you can find everything at one place and use it effectively whenever required. Here in this article we have listed some most popular and durable business card scanner apps that are available for Android and iOS platforms, let’s have a look.

  1. CamCard Free – Business Card R (Android, iOS)


CamCard is the most powerful business card scanning app available in the market for Android devices. The app is being used by approximately 100 million users globally and comes for free. It provides easy functionality for scanning the cards and saving them in your Android phone. The app also includes plenty of useful features and let users find directions on the basis of loaded cards or exchange cards. You can sync contacts saved in your phone with the cards to update the bio data of people.

  1. Business Card Reader (Android, iOS)


Business card reader is a robust business scanner card available for Android devices and comes for free. The app for Android is in a beta mode, but offers the ultimate features to simplify the process of card scanning. The app utilizes the in-built camera on your phone to scan business cards and saves them into your phone’s contacts. Apart from scanning the cards it offers another noticeable feature, it allows users to create their own Android based business cards using the BC designer. The app supports seven languages so that you can deal with people from different region can use it more effectively.

  1. Business Card Reader SugarCRM (Android)


If you already have a SugarCRM account or planning to sign up for one, then Business Card Reader SugarCRM is an prefect business card scanner app for you. The app is free to use and provides simple functionality. The app first uses the in-built camera of your device to scan the business card and later on the scanned card gets imported automatically to the SugarCRM account you have. Once the card gets stored in your account, you can embed additional information of that person and accumulate all the details regarding that contact at one place seamlessly.

  1. World Card Mobile (Android,iOS)


World Card Mobile is one of the best business card scanner app for Android devices which is available for free. The app has a simple yet intuitive user interface. You can save a card by just clicking the picture from your mobile camera and later on the add it to the contact list of your phone. The app transfers information from business card to your contact instantly using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. The app is available in seven different languages and helps you to handle overseas contacts in a professional manner easily.

  1. Business Card Info (Android, iOS)


Functionality of Business Card Info is quite similar to Business Card Reader and this app actually doesn’t offer too many features as it is in a growing stage as of now. However, This card scanning app comes with an interactive map which helps you to search any business card online in a very short time. You can easily import and store scanned cards in ‘Card Collection. The app is free to download and is available for Android devices.

  1. ScanBIZCards Lite – Scan Card (Android, iOS)


ScanBIZCards is a versatile business card scanner app for Android devices that comes for free. The app helps users to keep all their business cards at one place and access information at any point due to its fast searching capabilities. The app also has a premium version which is available at an 85% reduced rate as of now. However, the offer is for a limited time only. The user interface of the app is simple yet intuitive and it allows users to save cards separately or sync card information with the exiting contact stored in the device. The 3D gallery of saved cards is exceptional and fast and simple processing lets users update contact information quickly and seamlessly.

  1. EverCard (Android)


EverCard is a powerful business card scanner app for Android, which is free to use and provides top notch accuracy. The app makes the process of scanning business cards so simple and allows users to save them quickly with ease. The app has the ability to sort the scan cards automatically. There is no limit of scanning and the app can scan unlimited business cards for you. All the scan cards get saved into your phone’s contacts and one more thing, the app is available in four languages, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

  1. Evernote Scannable (iOS)


The Evernote Scannable is designed to put a business card scanning, contact management, calendar scheduling and LinkedIn together to build long lasting business relationships. The app includes an advance business card scanner that scans and saves all business cards into your contacts and help you to recall them quickly in meetings and locations. The app quickly recognizes the business cards and transforms them into rich contacts along with LinkedIn details and a photo of that person. The app has a simple user interface and provides easy functionality. It is available for iOS devices at the movement.

  1. Yolu Card Reader – Business Card Reader & Scanner (AndroidiOS)


It is another powerful business card scanning app for iOS devices that comes for free and offers advance functionality. The Yolu Card Reader supports multiple languages such as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese and provides name card recognition with 100% accuracy. The app has the ability to scan paper name cards and exchange electronic name cards effortlessly. It can sort the cards between groups as per your convenience and help you search them faster when required. Yolu Card Reader saves card information in your phone as well as cloud for more safety of your data.

  1. CamCard – Business Card Scanner for Android


CamCard business card reader is available for iOS devices as well and supports around 17 languages. The app is free to download and scans as well as store all business cards in a smooth manner. It can exchange e-cards when paper cards are not available and allows users to add notes and even reminders on their contacts. It is a feature rich app that offers easy navigation to the contact’s address on a map, allows users to access contact information on multiple devices and does many more.

The above mentioned app make enable business card scanning and storage of data into the contact so easy and helps you to make the most of them as per your requirement. Most of them are free to use and help you maintain good business relationship that eventually helps your business to grow.

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