10 Best Remote Work Tools for Working From Home

Remote working has essentially become the backbone of working in today’s times. All businesses, be it small or big, are trying to necessitate remote working to commensurate with the need of the hour. The question remains, are we prepared to work remotely?

Remote working has its own set of inherent perks and challenges. There is a lack of physical interface, supervision and even the motivation levels of the employees are on shaky grounds. As a business owner, it has now become essential to ensure that there are remote working facilities available for employees to work on.

You can find more information on how business’s functionalities are bottlenecked based upon the location of the employees. Even not having access to the office fax machine can cause an evident bottleneck in functioning. 

There are efficient tools such as CocoFax that offer ease to the employees even while they are remote. As a business owner, it offers benefit to both the employer and employee to have the below mentioned tools in place:

1. CocoFax

CocoFax is an online fax service provider that enables people to send and receive faxes remotely. It essentially acts as a translator connecting the digital and telephonic signals and allows sending out faxes through computer, phone, iPads and any internet compatible device.

 Faxes are preferred by corporations by and large because of the security and reliability they provide. Expecting the employees to buy a fax machine for office is unreasonable. This is where remote faxing abilities serve as a great way to people to send and receive faxes. 

CocoFax has the immaculate standing and reputation of being the most preferred faxing application. It needs hardware in the form of a fax machine. There is less dependency upon office infrastructure and sending and receiving faxes becomes a piece of cake. 

2. Communication Devices

The employees must be provided for mobile devices for enabling communication between them and their superiors, subordinates and even third parties they need to communicate with. The devices must have relevant plans that encourage them to speak without inhibitions. 

The employees must feel encouraged to communicate and work for the objective of serving the business. Having all remote workers talk every now and then creates a sense of general air that work is being done despite the distance.

 3. Remote Working Guidelines

The concept of remote working can be a comparatively new concept for many people. Therefore, remote working should be backed by remote working guidelines and rules. IThe people should have guidelines to refer to when they have questions about remote working.

The guidelines should serve as a go-to document for any confusion, ambiguity or overlap of communication that remote workers are having. Instead of seeking irrelevant remote working information guidelines from the line manager, the guidelines can always be referred to.

4. Remote working Tips

While guidelines could be formal informative documents that levy the weightage on essential information like attendance, leaves, etc., sometimes employees also need personal assistance. The remote working tips could be an informal way of assisting the remote workers in better performance of their functions.

It is obvious that every individual has a different set of working situations at home. Some live alone, some with roommates, some with children, some in an absolutely confined space, etc. An informal document must be circulated to assist the workers in ensuring that they can make the best of the situation. 

5. Line Manager Supervision

Another important tool is that there should be adequate supervision from the line manager. The line manager must be informed and aware of the conduct of the subordinate. There must be a clear code of conduct of marking the line manager to all relevant mails, supervision, calls, check ins that must be followed.

6. Video Conferencing

There are video conferencing tools that allow employees to stay in touch in a regular manner. There can be bilateral, virtual team meets, etc. that allow users to stay in touch in a regular manner. It also covers up for the lack of physical interface in work.

7. Document sharing

There are newer document sharing tools like google documents that allow simultaneous upload and editing of documents. It is compatible with all file kinds be it word, excel, and other file types.

8. Online performance Review

Employee motivation becomes highly ambiguous in a remote working set up. By virtue of recurrent and regular online performance review and evaluation, you can attain parity in performance of your employees as a business. 

9. Elite HR Softwares

Managing human resources remotely could be a very tedious task. Vouching on the individual engagement, work hours and actual work done by the employees becomes highly ambiguous in a remote setting. 

This is where elite HR softwares comes into play. They allow the employees to follow a system of recording the hours spent on their systems, recording work hours and work done. With differences in work, the softwares can be customized to meet the individual job requirements.

10. Mobile Hotspots

Remote working is totally dependent upon reliable internet. In situations when your internet connection is compromised, you can severely impact your work. Therefore, having internet back ups is much needed in a remote working set up.

Your communication devices and data plans must allow for a provision of mobile hotspots in order to allow users to have an internet backup in case of emergencies. The employer should ensure that all mobile phones are backed up with sufficient internet data to continue work. 


The support of the employer is essential for ensuring that remote working does not impact the productivity of the workers pejoratively. Tools such as CocoFax have emerged as an employer favourite to ensure that business communication continues to flow in an unhindered manner. 

You can find more information as to why CocoFax is more preferred over other remote faxing applications. You can even try the app on its 30 day free trial and know yourself first hand why CocoFax enjoys loyal patronage from users around the world.

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