10 Ways to Make Money Online Playing Game

Video game Developer

What’s better than earning while playing, you can also earn more than 8 figures while enjoying the game which you like. There are lots of people in this world who play games and get very high returns, I know some of my friends who play roulette online for real money and live a luxury lifestyle. 

You will not need any additional requirement other than a high-performance laptop and a speedy internet connection. 

If you also want to try this career here we have 10 ways for you which you can adopt for making money while gaming. 

Here we go with the details which you can see or adopt for joining this industry for making an unstoppable passive income.

1. Join as a Video Game Tester:  

There are no ways in the universe for making money without a will. 

Online Video game tester is a good choice for you if you trained yourself in gaming if you spent a lot in gaining experience in gaming.

Video Game Tester

Now, this is the perfect time for you to test the games developed by these big developers and earn money by giving them suggestions and bugs in their games. 

Developers pay very high payments to these gaming professionals for finding the bugs and errors in their games. 

You won’t know but the average earning these gamers earn by doing this job is more than  $3681 per month. 

2. Start a Youtube Channel:

If you are good at entertaining people this is the best opportunity for you. 

Gaming Youtube Channel

You can start sharing your gaming experience with the people on the internet, use youtube and other media like Twitch for developing your youtube channel as a brand and make sufficient money by enjoying the games. 

Once you break the youtube monetisation policy requirement with your content, keep going with that effective content and attract your viewers towards your channel. 

3. Get started with your own gaming blogs:

If you are good at writing also with playing games, here you can use your both talent for generating higher returns from your blogs. 

Like if you write the articles for your viewers related to gaming tricks and the different cheat code sheets you will get highly benefited with it.

Your ranked articles on your blogs give you many ways to earn with playing the games. 

4. Join the Twitch Network:

Twitch is one of the gaming streaming platforms, where the gamers can post their gameplay videos and attract the audience towards their channel for generating the profit from them. 

Twitch Game Stream Channel

There are lots of other platforms also which supports you in earring $$$ from just posting the gameplay with your viewers.

You will be shocked if you see the average salary of Twitch partners, they have earned more than $1,00,000 in a year. 

5. Let’s compete in Tournaments:

If you want to express your gaming talent with the other fellow gamers, let’s beat them in the official gaming tournaments. 

If you thought for a perfect passive income then make your name in this field as an influencer by developing your resume with the winning golden leagues in your liked game. 

If you wish to see your efforts in earning them, start attempting to participate in gaming tournaments. 

6. Start with Game Designing:

If you are good at gaming then some of you also love to show your own games and try them in the official gaming market.

Video game Developer

The game designing industry grows very highly, if you throw your expert work in this field you will see massive earning sources joined to this field.  

As a beginner, once you turn your gaming interest into game development work, you can get the highest paying jobs in this industry.

7. Customer Service at gaming Companies:

Do you ever think about communicating and solving the customer’s needs with your gaming experience? 

Here what you need to do is to solve the customer problems which are basically very general which they face while enjoying the games.

There are lots of gaming companies who employ these experts in their companies for building good relations with their customers. 

So if you are thinking about it, it will be a good source of income for you. 

The average salary for a gaming customer service expert is more than $10-$15 an hour. 

8. Start selling the Gaming related Merchandise:

If you are a true gamer then it must be possible that you have bought some products like a mug or a t-shirt related to your favourite game. 

Gaming Merchandise for sale

That is an income opportunity for you, you can start your e-commerce business for gaming merchandise. 

More than 90% of the gamers buy their loved Gaming Merchandise from online, if you also grab this market, you will see massive turns into your income within very less time.

Selling online is a big game but once you get the proper products for sale you will never lose your earnings. 

9. Video Game Coaching:

Become a coach for all the learners who wish to become an expert in their liked games. 

Once you become an expert in any game, what’s better than getting the returns from your experience by sharing your expertise with others at some cost (Teaching Fees).If you become a demanding coach in your industry there are lots of opportunities for you in the field for generating income. 

10. Hosting eSports Events:

eSports game hosting is the best option for you if you are trying to earn the highest from this industry. 

eSports Hosting
Many game hosters organise the multiple events in a month for getting the returns from the participants. 

So if you are good at managing and also if you are ready to invest for some big earnings then don’t wait and get the details from some industry specialist and start earning in more than 6 figures. 


All the plans we have discussed above mainly belong to the business model, so if you want to try these gaming businesses as your career you will definitely get the desired earning once you understand the complete model successfully. 

You can take the suggestions from many industry specialists for making your gaming business more profitable. 

But all you need to do is the first master yourself with learnings in the particular game in which you see your future. 

So keep going and contact the masters for becoming yourself a master. 







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