15 Best time killing Mobile Games

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Playing games have always been a popular way to kill time even before the advent of smartphones. However, smartphones and mobile devices make it a lot easier. Without your smartphones, you might find it difficult to kill time while waiting in an office or travelling. But with just a few clicks, you can enjoy a variety of games on mobile devices. 


 Two dots

Here is a straightforward puzzle game which contains more than 1,000 levels. All you have to do is create squares while connecting dots of the same colour. The game provides you with a limited number of lives and moves and can also use power-ups and boosts. You can claim gifts for playing the game daily and also inviting your friends to play.  


This is a popular casino game which is now readily available on mobile devices. You can even choose to play it for real money. Once you’re ready to try it out, there are many apps where you can play online roulette in India.


Here is a game that helps to exercise your brain by testing your basic mathematical skills. You will have to continue swiping tiles until you get to number 2048 without being eliminated from the game.

Color Road

This game is so simple yet enjoyable. All you have to do is control the rolling ball and collect other balls of the same colour. You also have to avoid balls of different colours.


Tetris is one of the oldest forms of digital games. But even though it has been available for over 26 years, it is still one of the best games to play on mobile. There are many different tetris games you can play. 

Angry Birds

Here is a fun-filled and fast-paced game to enjoy. All you need to do is control the Angry titular birds.

Bottle flip

As the name implies, your goal is to flip the bottle and ensure it lands perfectly. As your level increases, the bases where the bottle lands are unstable, and it becomes more challenging.

Happy Glass

In this game, you have to draw a line from where water flows and make sure it fills up the glass.


Blackjack is a popular casino card game. Your goal in the game is to get as close to 21 as possible. There are many Blackjack apps and sites available for you to play the game in India.

Temple Run 2

This is the sequel to the exciting temple run game. All you have to do in the game is run as fast as possible from the huge monkey chasing you. On the way, you collect coins, power-ups, and boosters.

Words with Friends

Words with friends is a scrabble-based game that lets you compete with your friends while improving your vocabulary as you create words with letters presented. You can choose to connect and play with your friends or play with a stranger online. You can also choose to play the game on your own.

Crossy Road

In this game, you will be faced with the challenge of crossing the roads, railway bridges, or deep stormy rivers. There will be lots of obstacles on the way to keep you from crossing successfully. Your goal will be to choose the right time to cross and make the animal character go past all the obstacles without collapsing.


This is one exciting strategy card game. It makes use of characters from the Wolf of Warcraft series. The game requires intense thinking and in-depth strategies.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a game about commuting. It will appeal to people who are involved in planning and efficiency because they have to draw train lines to connect stations.

Ticket to Earth

If you love to play strategy games and puzzles, Ticket to Earth is an excellent choice for you. It offers a creative mix of combat and puzzling with exciting action characters.

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