5 Ways to Make Internet Surfing Safe and Secured

The internet, being the global network provider of various information and communication resources, is the most used wide area network (WAN) today. One can say that you can’t live without the internet, and somehow it’s true. The internet can be a dangerous and confusing place to spend your time with. 

If you tend to use the internet daily, which is somehow a typical habit of most people, you must be careful of internet hazards. If you don’t have a safety network connection, you may fall into the danger zones of the internet.  These danger zones include viruses, spyware, pornography, online scams, and the worst is you could get your personal information stolen. 

However, you shouldn’t fear the internet. When used correctly and with the right safety precautions, you could enjoy the internet as much as you wanted. Think about your security and avoid surfing dangerously. You need to secure your network from possible threats to prevent complications. Here’s a list of tips on how you can have a safe and secured internet surfing. 

Avoid Using Identical Passwords

Most social media users or internet users tend to have the same passwords in all of their accounts. Maybe because they have a hard time remembering their passwords and they want to have easy access to all of their social media accounts. However, having the same passwords in all your accounts could be the reason hackers can quickly get all your private information.

If the hackers hacked one of your accounts, they could easily infiltrate all of your accounts as you have the same passwords. To have safer and protected surfing, you should have different passwords in all of your accounts. That is also to ensure that if one of your accounts gets hacked, your other accounts would still be safe. 

Keep Personal Information to Yourself

If you’re a businessman or you’re currently handling an online business, you should keep your personal information professional and limited. Hackers and intruders have a lot of ways to get your information. Therefore, when having a transaction, you don’t need to post or show private details about yourself.

Potential employers, employees, and customers don’t need to know about your address, family, and especially financial status. The one thing they need most is your expertise on the type of work you have. Keep in mind that they reach out for your products and not for your personal information. 

Use a Virtual Private Network When Surfing the Internet

The internet is a broad and neverending series of information. You wouldn’t know if someone’s already hacking your data. For someone who values personal privacy, especially those who have businesses, it’s essential to have VPN installed in your connection. This way, not only your personal information is safe but your business as well. 

Virtual private network services protect your connection to the internet by having encrypted data that would change your IP address. It also prevents hackers from infiltrating your system as a VPN hides all your data to protect your privacy. Having this type of system can significantly benefit you, especially if you’re out of your home frequently.

There are various virtual private network providers in the market today. All you need to do is to find the right provider that could keep your connection secured. If you want to know more about VPNs, you can read VPN Review by Security Baron. The more you know about it, the more you’ll have the idea on what type of VPN you should get.

Always Use a Firewall

You may feel confident that you have a safe and secured internet connection at home, but without a firewall, you’re still pretty much vulnerable to hackers. Even if you have a reliable network, you should always use a firewall. A firewall is a network security system that controls and monitors outgoing and incoming network traffic. 

In addition to that, a firewall is an electronic barrier that prevents unauthorized access to your devices. This way, intruders can’t easily hack into your system. Activating your network firewall ensures protection to all devices connected to the internet. 

Keep Your Privacy Settings Up and Running

Make sure to secure all privacy setting in your network. In social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, every developer ensures that there’s a setting for privacy. Make sure to keep all personal information private, so only your friends can see your activities. 

Online users, mainly social media users, want to know about you, and so does hackers. If you haven’t set your privacy setting in one of your social media accounts, most people could see it, and of course hackers too. Therefore, to avoid complications, and worst being hacked, be sure to set all personal information private


There are a lot of ways to be safe when surfing the internet, and the tips listed above are one of the most crucial ways to have a secured network. Always be cautious when you’re using the internet because you wouldn’t know if someone’s already trying to break into your data unless you follow the internet safety protocols. Therefore keep your guard up, and have a safe internet surfing.

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