7 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites for Schools/ Colleges/Workplace

7 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites for Schools CollegesWorkplace

Unblocked Music sites

You love music and you want to use it at your workplace or college then take a look here I am presenting best Free unblocked Music sites for Schools, colleges, and workplace. Now you can discover new songs at any time and anywhere. These websites are not blocked for both schools and workplace. Even these websites are more secure than proxy sites. It provides one of the safest ways to browse the web. You can download songs, new albums from this websites. Sometimes we are getting bore with our work and we need some relaxation. That’s why Here I am sharing with you top free unblocked music websites at schools. Just take a look here. You will find out one of the best unblocked music websites. 

unblocked music sites

7 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites For Schools/Colleges/Workplace

Now you can listen to music at school as here I am giving a full list of free unblocked websites at school. These sites are not banned from both schools and workplace. Because these websites are providing SSL proxy sites. By using these websites you can listen to new music albums, songs at any time without any tension.

  1. PureVolume (pureVolume.com)

It is one of the best music site that is not blocked in school. There is various category of music that are available to play online. You can even upload your own music and can strem it online. You can information about any music, songs or artist with this site. You can find any new music or if you are an artist, you can also promote your music. So just try out this site at your school or college.

  1. Hulkshare

It is the fastest growing music social network for Artist and music lovers. On this site you can easily explore your favourite music, track or videos with lots of filters according to Genre, Mood etc. You can connect with the people or artist that have same music taste like you. You can also join music groups, where people share their tracks. It’s really fun to use this site and it’s not blocked in school.

  1. Jamendo

Jamendo claim itself as the world largest service for free music. It is the large group of individual music lovers and Artist. You can play or download music for free from Jamendo. And if are an artist then you can share your music to their users, it will help you to gain popularity. You can use this site at your School/ college for free without any blockage.

  1. Slacker Radio( Slacker.com)

Slacker is one of the best free unblocked music websites and apps for both schools and office. If you want to download slacker app on your device you can download from play store, app store, windows store and also some other platform. It’s available freely. By using slacker website you can access to millions of songs and music albums at any time. There are lots of music station according to mood, artist, and songs. You can even create a playlist of your favorite music station to play it anytime.

  1. ClearlyDruck (clealydruck.com)

Clearly Drunk is sort of proxy server like hide my ass, where you can freely surf any site and all your IP and identity will be hidden. So if you want to access music sites in school/college. You can use this, its very easy to search music with this. You just need to enter your fav music site and then it’s all yours. Play or download music, videos from your favourite music site without any blockage.

  1. GrooveShark (Grooveshark.com)

Groove Shark is most famous free unblocked music website. Which is not blocked in schools, college, and workplace. Groove Shark gives free access to personalized Music albums. Even you can find out new tracks, upcoming songs, albums, videos on their website. If you want to access the world of music then you must have a look at this website. With this site, you can search and play your favorite song in just a single click and even you can create a play list also.

  1. Soundzabound (soundzabound.com)

For Education purpose, we need music that is royalty free so no one can claim on that music or your work. And Soundzabound is one of those sites that provide pure royalty free music, you do not need any license to use music from this site. Soundzabound is best free unblocked music website in the list. It is the great source of helpful music. You can use it anywhere because it is not blocked at schools, college, and workplace. Soundzabound is a royalty free music website. Where you can watch your favorite videos, music albums and upcoming tracks from this website. Even you can make your own playlist also. The best thing about Soundzabound is available freely. This website is certificated legally and it’s not banned from any schools.

These are best unblocked music websites for schools, college, and workplace. If you are getting bored at school do not worry, now you can listen music at school also. Because these websites are not banned at schools and workplace. So now you can enjoy new music albums, songs anywhere and anytime. Just try out these websites may be it’s work out in your school.


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