7 Reasons to Buy an EV

In case you haven’t noticed, electric vehicles (EVs) are all the rage. Almost every car commercial you see these days features an EV; meanwhile, governments around the globe are offering their citizens incentives to go electric. Some countries have gone so far as to initiate a ban on gas-powered vehicle sales by the end of the decade.

The writing is on the wall: EVs are here to stay. However, it’s often difficult for people to willingly embrace unfamiliar technology. The trusty internal combustion engine (ICE) has gotten them where they want to go for their entire lives, so why should they make the switch?

While those with recently purchased ICE vehicles are off the hook – for now – those in the market for a new car should seriously consider buying an EV. Here are seven reasons for doing so:

More charging stations

Many motorists are hesitant to go electric because of what is known as range anxiety. It’s the fear of running out of battery before finding a charging station and winding up stranded far from home. While this was a legitimate concern several years ago, hundreds of thousands of EV charging stations have since been built worldwide. There are also apps that help EV owners find nearby charging stations and those along their planned route, making it almost impossible to end up with no power in the middle of nowhere.

Government incentives

As mentioned in the introduction, governments are offering their citizens incentives when buying EVs. These incentives include rebates, subsidies, and tax credits. The intent is to make the initial purchase more affordable. With this in mind, it’s worth checking which incentives are available to people in your area. These incentives are unlikely to last forever, so the sooner you take advantage of them, the better. 

Reduced operating costs

Traditional gas-powered vehicles have thousands of moving parts, all of which must be perfectly aligned, fastened, and lubricated in order for the automobile to work. If just one of these parts fails, getting the vehicle running again often means expensive repairs. Meanwhile, electric vehicles only have 20 or so moving parts. That means the risk of parts failure is far less. Combined with no longer having to pay for fuel and oil changes, EV ownership means reduced operating costs, saving you thousands.

Reduced carbon footprint

Many people are interested in finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Since nearly 30% of the average person’s carbon footprint can be traced to personal car travel, it’s easy to see how making the switch to electric could be the single greatest way for most people to make it happen. You can’t beat zero emissions!

Better driving experience

Have you ever been inside an electric vehicle while it was being driven? If so, you know the only sound being emitted by the vehicle is a low-volume whirling of the electric motor as the EV goes faster. Combined with exceptionally smooth acceleration and an absence of smelly exhaust fumes, it’s easy to see how electric vehicles provide a superior driving experience.


As mentioned in the introduction, it’s only a matter of time before gas-powered vehicles meet the same fate as the ancient organisms from which fossil fuels were formed. While ICE automobiles may still be built and purchased, laws and regulations will likely drive up the price of ownership compared to EVs, making them the more expensive option. It all adds up to the fact that most motorists will buy an EV sooner or later, so why wait?


Buying an electric vehicle in 2023 is like buying a personal computer in 1993; you’re getting in on the ground floor of technology set to change the world. It’s an exciting prospect that enables motorists to experience something new before it becomes mainstream.

The age of the electric vehicle is finally here. Those in the market for a new car have many reasons to go electric. While something new can often seem scary and untrustworthy, EV technology is now to the point where most hiccups and kinks have been worked out, making them the ideal option in the world of automobiles.

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