8 Digital Tools Most Authors Use Today for the Fast Writing Process

Today, there is a constant demand for unique and creative content from authors as people need to be entertained and educated regularly. This implies that authors need to hasten their writing process to meet the bulging demand. The same goes for students who are burdened by urgent assignments on a daily basis. Sometimes, the pressure of these assignments turns them to fast essay writing service that offer papers for money. Fortunately, most of them operate 24 hours a day. However, what to do if you want to write an essay in the last money without spending money? Right, read this article that provides a good number of digital tools that can make content creation fast and less strenuous. Get instant good results in writing your papers of any page count!

8 Top Digital Tools to Enhance Your Writing Speed to the Fastest One

Here is an insightful list of some of the best digital tools (both free and premium) that beef up content creation speed of most famous authors. Have a quick look at this list now, and embark on your own writing!

  • FastPencil

FastPencil is a remarkable online writing platform that features numerous tools to make the writing process fast and convenient. It can be accessed for free or by a premium version that is more efficient. The downside of the platform is that you need access to internet connection.

  • Evernote

The good thing about Evernote is that it does not require the internet connection to functions. It is basically a free software that is utilized after installation. Moreover, it cuts down on invested efforts providing outlines for chapters and keeping track of creative thoughts. Furthermore, it is integrated into an application that can be used on phone. 

  • Dropbox

Most people know Dropbox to be a file-sharing software. However, it is a very effective writing tool especially when people are working from multiple computers or when they need to collaborate with other writers. It makes it easy to share and access written documents. Since it is free software, no usage fee is incurred.

  • Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most widely-utilized writing tool in the world. It has existed long before any other writing tools came to be. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also fast, reliable and efficient. The software incorporates numerous user-friendly tools for writing, organizing, formatting, and editing. The only flaw lies in the fact that it is not quite compatible with Mac computers. 

  • Pages

Pages is the perfect replacement of Microsoft Word on Mac computers. The software incorporates a simple design, well-structured templates ideal for making manuscripts, eBooks alongside other documents. It gives access to the internet and file sharing software.

  • Open Office

It is almost similar to Microsoft Word. Actually, it is a cheaper alternative for writers who cannot afford to purchase Word. To some extent, its capabilities are not as advanced as those in word but the basic features are excellent. 

  • GrammarBase

Editing and proofreading are vital steps in any writing process. They are integral in eliminating plagiarism, misspellings, contextual and grammar mistakes. Luckily, there numerous software that can help in this capacity. GrammarBase is an online platform that perfects written content. It provides insights, corrections, and suggestions about content posted in its window.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is another writing tool that improves the quality of written content. It offers a free version and a premium one that is more insightful. The platform provides a readability score for content besides reviewing grammar usage. 

Editing, proofreading and conducting quality checks can be achieved easily with digital writing tools helping create content within a nick of time. To top it off, writing tools give make content creation smooth allowing sufficient time for users to boost the quality of the final documents. Get used to writing for a day or even 2 days? Start writing for an hour immediately after applying to modern technology!

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