Adobe’s new acquisition URU | Match the Ad with Video Content

Uru is company started to help brands to understand the leverage of all the visual contents that are being formed in the name of advertisements or others. It works through AI-powered resolution which affects the brand’s image while transforming the whole content to put that in People’s eye.

Uru has announced itself to be part of Adobe’s team to perform the action in the company’s AI and machine learning platform under Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei works by using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities which can discover the hidden possibilities, and make the tedious process faster than ever. It is just there to simply give you better, smarter and faster work experience.

It can help to retrieve the overall intuitive experiences which can reach the customers according to their preferences and interests.

Uru is very famous New York Based startup which helps the brands to advertise in more effective manner. Not just this it helps video publishers to make effective money too.

Uru’s basic goal with Adobe Sensei is to advertise the products or the brands more effectively without issues. Uru is focused on to presenting the advertisement in between the video so that video doesn’t leave back its link and advertisement get the worthy view with dynamically inserted and well-settled logos. The advertisement after it will look like the ads are already embedded in it.

Since no further details are available from official end’s. We can only guess the possibilities. AI revolution is putting up all of its feet everywhere then surely we can expect a positive end even if Uru didn’t end up well. There is the enormous possibility to get something innovative and intuitive soon out as work on AI never leaves the used time blank.

Sooner or later we will find the advertisements are getting embedded in a good manner. Brands will be able to see their reputed image through ads and logos, well settled and placed in ads.

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