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Create A Adsterra Account

No matter if you’re a blogger who has little to no traffic or a large web publisher, you will need a reliable partner to help you monetize that traffic.

There are many choices. You have many options, from Google AdSense to, and many others. Adsterra is a hidden gem of the online advertising industry or you can say it’s one of the best Adsense alternative. 

A common mistake that I see most publishers, especially those who are not very experienced, make is to believe that Google AdSense is the best way to monetize blogs. This is false!

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the most well-known advertising network. However, there are other networks that offer more than just Google AdSense. With dedicated teams to help you monetize and manage your blog, you can double your earnings. 

This post will show you how to create an Adsterra account and what the main benefits and features of Adsterra are. You will also learn how to make money with Adsterra. So stay tuned until the end.


What is Adsterra?

Adsterra was started as a friendship. It grew into a successful company now with lots of advertisers and publishers. Adsterra places great emphasis on teamwork and transparency. Company started in 2013 by professional affiliate marketers and webmasters, with (as of now), 20+ years experience.

Adsterra Login

They now have an IT department that is highly skilled, experienced account managers (many of whom left similar companies to work at Adsterra), a policy and risk management team, as well as other skilled employees.

Adsterra is an established brand that has a strong reputation. It has been recognized by affiliates and bloggers as one of the top adtech platforms. Adsterra is a unique blend of human intelligence and innovative technology.

Additional benefits of Adsterra

  • Very High CPM rates
  • Instant approval of domain.
  • You have full control over ad volume, frequency, verticals and formats
  • Protection against inappropriate ads via multi-stage system
  • Get detailed, real-time statistics
  • Integration via API
  • Auto-payment
  • Send back traffic to BackURL if it is not accepted

What is Adsterra Ads Format?

Adsterra Network offers a variety of ad formats. Native, Vast Banner, Native Banner, Vast and Popunder, as well as Social bar and direct link.

Adsterra Native Ads

Native ads work well in sidebars, headers, below headers, footers, and in-article placement. There are many native ad sizes.

  • 300×250 (Medium Rectangle)
  • 728×90 (Leaderboard Ad)
  • 320×50 (Mobile Leaderboard Ad)
  • 160×600 (Skyscraper Ad)
  • 160×300 (Half Skyscraper Ad)
  • 468×60 (Medium Leaderboard Ad)

What Is Adsterra Popunder Ads?

Popunder ads can be displayed in a new tab or window of a browser and remain hidden behind the main window. Popunder script claims to be 100% responsive. You’ll also get a 100% fill rate for both desktop and mobile devices.

Adsterra traffic minimum requirements

There are no minimum traffic requirements. All types of Advertisers and Publishers are welcome to join the network (Small-Medium and Large).

Adsterra Payment Proofs

There are multiple options to choose from for the payment like Paypal , Wire transfer, crypto, web money etc. Also you can withdraw even $5. So negligible threshold.

Now as you must be waiting for the payment proofs. Here it is :

Here in the above image, you can see our payouts, they generally pay monthly but if you have good earnings, they will provide you a relationship manager and you can get paid weekly.

How to Create Adsterra account?

If you want to create an Adstera account, then you follow the steps given below:-

Adsterra Login

Adsterra Login

  • Now fill all your information such as, Email, Full Name, Login (Username), Password and Messenger  {Social Link:- Skype, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Jabber and Wechate} etc., Payment Method.
  • I’ve read and accept Terms & Conditions.

Adsterra Login

  • Click on “Sign Up” button.

Adsterra Login

  • You will get a confirmation mail on your mail id.
  • Please save your username and password for future access.
  • Now you can login to your adsterra.

How To The Adsterra Login ? 

You will need your adsterra login id, and password to log in to the adsterra account please follow few steps:- 

  • Visit the Adsterra Official Site.
  • Click on the Login In option and under click As a publisher link in the top menu.

Adsterra Login

  • Enter your login details Username, Password.

Adsterra Login

  • Click on the Sign In button.
  • You will be redirected directly to your adsterra dashboard.

How To Add Your Website With Adsterra Account?

Adsterra Login

  • Then, click on “Add Website” option in the right site.

Adsterra Login

  • After that, enter your website, select your website category, and Available Ad Units.

Adsterra Login

  • Click on “ADD” button.

What is Adsterra payment Method?

Adsterra payment

  • PayPal Payout Method
  • Adsterra wire transfer
  • Paxum Payout Method
  • WebMoney Payment Method
  • Bitcoin Payment Method
  • Tether Payout Method

Adsterra Minimum Payout

Minimum payout sum is: $5 for WebMoney and Paxum; $100 for Bitcoin, PayPal and Tether; $1000 for Wire transfer.

Adsterra Payment Time

Payment dates are 1-2 and 16-17 of each month, from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm GMT.

Adsterra Review

I don’t know why I didn’t use the website, but I did use it to find out. In a matter of days, I had a few dollars. But that’s not the reason we are here.

I am going to show you what you can do together. What do you need to do now that you’re here? Click on the added website and click on the direct link buttons.

This is the direct link that you can see right now. Click on it and you will be taken to a direct link. It’s now up.

You can see it right here. To add a direct link, you will need to click the Add a New Direct Link button. We will create a new link. It will then appear in the section you have chosen.

Important Adsterra Direct link Login

adsterra account

Adsterra Official Website :-

Adsterra Direct link Login:-


No doubt it’s one of the best alternative to Google Adsense as it provide you best CPM rates, instant approval and weekly payout with no minimum threshold as such. You must try it on your site for atleast a week, and you will surely surprised with the results. Go and create your Adstera account without any delay and start earning.



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