Airtel USSD Codes List to Check Balance, 3G/4G Net Balance & other Services

All Airtel USSD Codes List to Check Balance, 2G3G4G Net Balance and other Services

Being an Airtel user, I know how easy it is to check balance with Airtel USSD codes, although there are lots of methods by which you can check Airtel balance like My Airtel App, Truebalance app and other. But in the world of smartphones, lots of people still don’t use a smartphone. So, if you remember the USSD code for Airtel balance Check or more, you can quickly find out your mobile balance and latest offers running on your number.

However, it gets tough to remember all the USSD codes, and thus I’m listing all the Airtel USSD codes to help you with your account related queries. This article consists the updated list of all the Airtel USSD codes for Prepaid/Postpaid Number in 2018. The list includes USSD Codes to check account balance, internet balance or any latest offers running on your number. Also, you can bookmark this webpage to use all Airtel USSD Codes in future, or you can download our dedicated app for all the USSD Codes from the Google PlayStore.

Most Common Airtel USSD Codes in 2019

Airtel USSD Code Functions:Airtel USSD Codes:
Airtel Balance Check USSD Code*123#
Airtel Net Balance Check 2G Data*123*10#
Airtel Net Balance Check 3G*123*11#
Airtel Net Balance Check 4G*123*8#
Airtel number check USSD code*282# or *123*9#
Airtel Special Offers and Rewards USSD Code*566#
Airtel Balance Tansfer USSD Codes*141# and choose options
Airtel Loan Number USSD Codes*141*10#
Airtel Last 5 Transactions USSD Codes*121*7# and reply with 1

What is need of Airtel USSD code?

With USSD code its become very easy to find your balance, offers and data usage. Why waste time on calling customer care each time you want to know your balance or validity. So now you need not call customer care for any query, you just need to use these Airtel USSD codes for all common questions, and you will get your answer.

How to use Airtel USSD Code?

Using USSD code is the process to check the remaining balances, and check the ongoing services running on the number from the operator. Using USSD is very easy on your mobile device including the feature phone or smartphone by just dialing up the given number. To use a USSD code, open the Dialer on your phone, type the special character and number as given below and it is done.

List of All Airtel USSD Codes [Airtel Balance Check Code]

Airtel USSD Code Functions:Airtel USSD Codes:
Airtel Customer Care Number121
Airtel Complaint Number198
Airtel Balance Check Code*123#
Airtel 2G Data Balance Check Code*123*10#
Airtel 3G Balance Check Code*123*11#
Airtel 4G Balance Check Code*123*2#*123*8#
Airtel Night Data Balance*123*197#
Airtel SMS Balance*123*2# or *555#
Airtel loan number*141*10#
Airtel DND Activation/Deactivation1909
My Airtel, My Offer*121#
Airtel number check code*282# or *121*9#
Airtel Value Added Services*121*4#
To Check Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services*121*7#
Check for Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance*123*1#
Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance*123*6#
Check for Free STD Minutes Balance*123*8#
Airtel Talktime Gift Service [Share or Ask Talktime]*141#
Special 5 Offers*222#
Airtel Live Services*321#
Airtel Special Offers and Rewards*566#
Hello Tunes Menu*678#
Missed Call Alert*888#
Local National SMS Packs*777#
Hello Tunes Service [Charges may apply]543211
Airtel Music Station [Charges may apply]543213
Airtel Balance Transfer Code*141# and then chose options.
Airtel MNP CodeSMS PORT to 1909
To START Any Service on Airtel:SMS START to 121
To Stop Any Service on AirtelSMS STOP to 121

All Other Airtel USSD Codes

  • My Airtel USSD Code: *121# and choose options
  • Airtel Data/Balance loan USSD code for Prepaid: *141*10#
  • Airtel Own Mobile number USSD Code: *282#, *121*9#
  • To START Any Service on Airtel: SMS “START” to 121 (without quotes) or *121*4#
  • To STOP Any Service on Airtel: SMS “STOP” to 121 (without quotes) or *121*5#
  • Airtel Mobile Number Portability: SMS “PORT” to 1909 (without quotes)
  • Last 5 Transactions: *121*7# and reply with 1
  • Airtel Live Services: Call 543212
  • Airtel Balance Transfer Code: *141# and choose options
  • Caller tune USSD Code: 5432111888
  • Airtel 5 Special Offers on your number: *222#
  • Airtel Rewards and Special offers on your number: *556#

Airtel USSD Codes for Postpaid

  • Unbilled Amount: SMS “UNB” to 121 (without quotes)
  • Outstanding Amount: SMS “OT” to 121 (without quotes)
  • Last 3 payment details: SMS “PAY” to 121 (without quotes)
  • Bill Summary: SMS “BILL” to 121 (without quotes)
  • Current Bill Plan: SMS “BP” to 121 (without quotes)

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How to Check Airtel Net Balance?

There are many methods to check your Airtel net balance including AirTel official Mobile App or using USSD Codes on your phone.

  • You can quickly check your Airtel or any other network net balance by using My Airtel App or Truebalance App. Merely Download this app from the Google PlayStore, and it will automatically display all your balance and validity. You do not need to remember any code.
  • USSD Code Method
    • Airtel 2G Net Balance Check USSD Code: *123*10#
    • Airtel 3G Net Balance Check USSD Code: *123*11#
    • Airtel 4G Net Balance Check USSD Code: *123*8#
  • However, the best way to know all the USSD codes of any mobile operators of India is to download our dedicated app for USSD codes from Google PlayStore. As it is available in the store, the app is safe to be downloaded and use.
All USSD Code
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Airtel Fixedline/Broadband Service Codes in 2018 [Updated]

We have also covered the updated list of Airtel Broadband and Fixed-line Service Codes for many different services to activate or deactivate on your Airtel Connection.

Services Action Dial
Call waiting Activation 118#
Deactivation 119#
Call forwarding – Unconditional Activation 1224 <Phone number to forward calls to>#
Deactivation 1225#
Call forwarding – Busy Activation 1220 < Phone number to forward calls to>#
Deactivation 1221#
Call forwarding – No Reply Activation 1222< Phone number to forward calls to>#
Deactivation 1223#
Parallel Ringing Activation 1275 <Second phone number that
should ring>#
Deactivation 1276#
Do not disturb Activation 1263#
Deactivation 1264#
Dynamic Lock – Password change 123 <Default password 0000>
* <New password XXXX>#
Dynamic Locking 124 <password> <Code>#
Code Details:
Code 0: Open All
Code 1: Open Local
Code 3: Open Local+STD
Code 4: All Outgoing Restriction
Speed dialing Create 1267 <Listing number 0 to 9> <Calling number>#
Dial 1268 <Listing number 0 to 9> <Calling number>#
Delete 1269 <Listing number 0 to 9> <Calling number>#

Airtel Customer Care Number (Toll-Free)

If above list of Airtel USSD codes does not solve your query, you can call on Airtel Customer Care Number; you will find the solution to your problem. Given below are the toll-free number which can be used to know details or talk to the Airtel representatives.

  • Airtel toll-free number: 198
  • Airtel customer care no: 121
  • Airtel customer care number Delhi: 121
  • Airtel customer care number Mumbai: 121

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I have covered all USSD codes for Airtel mobile operator. Now you do not need to waste your time you can select any Airtel USSD code. It will be very convenient for you to start to stop any service or check the balance and other with these Airtel USSD Codes.


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