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ARK: Survival Evolved is an action adventure game which is based on a third person as well as the first-person perspective. Ark is designed and published by Studio Wildcard and it was released in August 2017 but at that time it was only available for PlayStation 4, Xbox 0ne, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Later in 2018, it was launched for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

The game starts on a hazardous island. In this game, the players will be riding a prehistoric animal like the dinosaur. Players can use the weapons to defend themselves and to kill the enemies and deadly creatures. It has both single-player and multi-player mode. Thus, you can connect with your friends and call enjoy riding animals.  In the multiplayer player have to share the animals and buildings with their co players.

If the player got injured while fighting, then the health meter will regenerate itself if the player is carrying food. So, it’s important for the player to carry food, oxygen and other stuff that he/she finds on the way.

Players will get experience by harvesting materials, crafting and killing enemies. Experience will help the players to improve their stats and rank. Higher stats will give them more speed, more oxygen and new weapons.

Players can also build their own structures but in order to do so, they have to collect components like floor, window and doors. Or they can also earn those components by increasing their levels and experience in the game.

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