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Banished is a city-building strategy game developed by Shining Rock Software and is based on resource management and survival. It was released for Windows platform back in 2014 and is currently limited to Windows-PC only.

The game features a group of exile travelers which you get to control. They have decided to restart their lives in this new homeland and you’ll be tasked with managing them. The travelers come with only little supplies and the user has to maintain a settlement and manage the town as a whole.

The game revolves around the user assigning citizen to work on assignments after which they continue to work along without even directions later on. There are over 20 different occupations on offer in the game. The user must keep the citizens healthy and happy so as to ensure the growth of the town. The citizens continue growing via one of two methods, birth of new children or arrival of other wandering nomads. The citizens go through a natural process and eventually die after aging.

Banished gameplay features difficulties in form of harsh weather conditions and things like fire, starvation, death, and depressions. The user has to balance everything out so as to succeed in the game.

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