10 Games Like BioShock Infinite And Its Alternatives

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Honestly speaking I did not know about this game until I played the mod version of Fallout: New Vegas. BioShock is an awesome game with the great story and it almost makes you feel like you are at some movie shoot. This game is a First Person Shooter game with Role Play. Bioshock was released on 26th March 2013 at MS Windows, Play Station 3 and Xbox 360.

The name of two lead characters is Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. A task is given to Booker, to bring the girl named Elizabeth. If Booker completes this task, his all debts will be wiped out. Our hero is the disgraced member of Pinkerton National Detective Agency so, he goes to find out and rescue Elizabeth. Our hero completes the task of finding her and while taking her back to his city, Elizabeth asks him to take her to Paris, unaware of the intention of Booker. The story of this game goes like this with Elizabeth becoming more fierce.

This game also gets the touch of romance between two characters which often leads to some emotional dialogues. BioShock has great dialogues with matching vocals, graphics are not that bad. This game also has 2 parts which are not directly connected with this, they do have some scene or incident references but not the entire story.


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