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Craft The World is one of those unique sandbox strategy games that takes inspiration from the likes of Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Terraria. The game is part of Dekovir and offers gamers around the globe to enjoy the thrills of this strategy simulation.

The game features multiple levels, with each world generated randomly. The game features multiple layers and layers of earth to explore upon like that of sky down to those of subterranean lava. There’s also randomly generated islands which are restricted on the boundaries via ocean around it, lava underneath the island and sky above it. You can get to experience the day and night settings here.

The uniqueness of the game is that every single generated world has different weather, temperature, size, flora, fauna and more. You’ll have to seek the hidden treasures somewhere deep within the islands’ abandoned halls and rooms.

The game is pretty user-friendly and you can craft recipes and dozens of items for your precious little dwarves. You can build a small house to live and eat in the game including the furniture inside. Your tribe increases as you build more houses.

The game features attacks from monsters that come out of the portals. So you’ll have to be on guard with strong walls, trapdoors, secret passage, towers and more. You can also use the spells to drive the monsters away.



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