Sites Like Drupal and Its CMS Alternatives for MAC with Open Source

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When it comes to content marketing system (CMS), Drupal comes along as the best one after WordPress and Joomla. It is a widely used option and powers over 2.3% of websites all over. With 1.3 million members part of its community, Drupal is one of the trusted names around and should be given attention to if you’re looking for something different to WordPress.

Drupal is an open-source content management framework and is written in PHP format while being distributed under General Public License (GPL). Drupal comes with over 39500 free modules and more than 2500 themes to work with. It’s not that beginner friendly like that of WordPress and is more suited to the enterprise levels.

Moreover, then it allows more control for activities like user access and permissions. There’s also a views module that helps provide better content viewing option than WordPress. It’s a reason why Drupal is preferred for corporate, government, high tech, and political sites.

Drupal has the same sort of requirements like that of WordPress and Joomla and runs on any computing platform. There’s no requirement of programming skills to handle the framework and installation part. However, the specific module means, setting up a site will take a bit of time for beginners. It also has a community featuring over 109,000 active contributors.


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