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Dwarf Fortress, also known by as the Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress is one of the complete games regarding marrying a blend of adventure, fantasy, and thrill in one. It started back in 2006 after being in alpha development for four preceding years.

The game is set in a fantasy world where the player gets chance to control the group of dwarves and instruct them to construct a wealthy fortress down in the underground. The game does bear a resemblance to Minecraft. The game features text-based graphics and has an open end.

A player opts to play starts off by setting a process which generates the world with continents, histories, and civilizations. It consists of game modes like fortress mode where you establish a successful fortress and ward off any threats and invasions. You also need to generate wealth and take much care of the dwarves. A peculiarity about the game is the way each of the dwarves has a unique identity and personality to each of them.

The other game mode, i.e., adventure mode is turn-based one where you can start off just like an adventurer and freely explore around the world. You can visit the old fortress in the game and can complete quests and heists on your part.

Dwarf Fortress has quite a following all over with pretty active community around. The game doesn’t end ever with each fortress getting destroyed at some point, which means there are no winners at all.


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