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If you are fond of Zombies, this game is surely made for you. This game is made by WB Games and Techland. When WB is associated, you can not complain about the graphics and sound play because of its history in the filmmaking. Dying Light was released in January 2015 Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Online multiplayer features 4-player in the co-op mode. Dying Light is a first-person open world game with the plot genre as horror.

This game has one main character named Kyle Crane who is assigned a task to infiltrate the city named Harran which is completely fictional. This city has been infected and people of here are turned into abnormal creatures resembling zombies. Apart from Kyle, there are few enemies as well who are completely normal and they are from the underworld. This game is based on various quests which Kyle and his team complete timely. Since the game is free to roam, the character has choices to make and each choice has own consequences which make it more challenging.

Apart from the storyline, this game also has environmental consequences in which there are two times when the character can fight with the zombies i.e. Day and Night. In the night it gets almost difficult to fight with the zombies. I am hoping that WB makes a big announcement and gives us a new part of it very soon.


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