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As you already know this game is the 4th part of the Elder Scrolls Series and it was also quite a big hit during the time of release, but if you go back to the OBLIVION after playing the SKYRIM, the graphics are bit old and rough for the eyes. What made up for the graphics was the tough quest-line and the gameplay. Although the game is entirely like the Skyrim with the use of all the modern combat styles and here I mean a complete immediate alternative of Skyrim.

The game was released in 2006, that is very old so we can not compare the graphics of the game from that to year with game games those were launched in 2011. The game starts with the character being a prisoner again in the prisons of an emperor for some unknown crimes. On a very one beautiful day, the character escaped from the prison and was given the task to find out the assassins of the emperor and the story goes on like this.

This was the game which was advanced a lot; it was made a wholly voiced game with the increase in the magic spells accompanied by the scaling which means the difficulty levels remains the same no matter which decision you take.


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