18 Alternative to KickAssTorrents and Similar Websites

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KickAssTorrents was founded in 2009 and now becoming one of the most popular torrents. You can easily search any movie, music, video or whatever you need and download the torrent. It has the largest number of content spread in the wide range of categories and type.

Kickass is one such torrent site which has a high amount of footfall. But due to this crackdown, they change their domain regularly to stay afloat. If you are a Kickass user, you will know how the domain change when you visit after a couple of days.

Numerous nations and some ISP suppliers obstruct these locales specifically and don’t enable its clients to get to them. These turn out to be extremely hazardous as you will never have the capacity to open them, this is the place the intermediary comes in. However, these sites will never appear offbeat. You can always seek the mirror sites and proxies and will be able to download all the needed stuff from there.

Alternatives to KickAssTorrents for
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