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Mabinogi is a South Korean Game. It was developed by “devCat Studio” and was released by South Korean Game Distributing Company “Nexon”. This game’s name came from the Welsh Anthology of Legend but its plot is not strictly following the Welsh Anthology. Mabinogi is a multiplayer online action role-playing game.

Mabinogi is mainly developed for Microsoft Windows and we haven’t got any update regarding some other device compatibility. The very interesting thing about Mabinogi is that its story is being completed with regular updates. Mabinogi was not launched with the complete storyline, till date the story is being completed.

Since Mabinogi is a role-playing game so the player has the liberty to choose the physical elements (age, height, weight, etc) of the character. Along with this, in the game itself, there are several activities that the character can perform if the user wants him to do. The activities are playing music, enjoying the campfire by sitting beside it, sharing food, playing around, and even the character can have a different set of emotions on the face.

The user even has the liberty to chose which type of character we want in the game. For instance, If he picks human then the game will begin in Uladh village of Tir Chonaill, or the Qilla Base Camp in Iria, or if the user picks elf then game will begin in Iria at Filia, in the region Connous whereas if the user picks Gaint as the character then game will begin in Vales, in the region Physis.

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