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MegaGlest is a free and open source real-time strategy computer game in a fantasy world, mixing elements of re-imagined past civilizations, magic, and steampunk. It is an actively developed fork of the 2004 game Glest, which is no longer under development.

MegaGlest is set in a fantasy world with seven factions: Magic, Tech, Indians, Egypt, Norsemen, Persian, and Romans, which together form the Megapack. Each come with their own set of units, buildings, and upgrades, benefits, and limitations, which allows for variety in strategy while keeping a steady gameplay.

Magic lacks the hand-to-hand combat strength of the Tech faction but features more versatile units. Tilesets are selected at the new game setup menu and determine the graphical nature of the MegaGlest game world. MegaGlest provides cross-platform online multiplayer LAN/Internet support.

Because of the modability of the engine, MegaGlest can play games from a variety of player-created mods and total conversions, spanning very diverse themes. The Japanese mod is an artistic mod with armies and structures inspired by historic Japanese warfare. Prax is another fantasy-themed tech tree which exhibits some similarities to MegaGlest’s Magic and Tech factions but develops upon them, carrying both units and structures with very different resources and making use of newer engine features.

The Military Glest and Enemies and Allies mods have an up-to-date warfare theme and the Vbros Mods have a mixture of units; British, Western, Pirates, Canadians, Crusaders, Dark Knights, USA, Moon, Chess, Penguins, and much more.

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