9 MIUI Alternative Mobile OS

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MIUI is a stock and aftermarket firmware for Smartphones and computers. MIUI is developed by Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a Chinese company that makes and invest in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and other electronic items.

MIU firmware is based on Google Android. It was released in August 2010. MIUI comes with advanced and well-designed functionality. Xiaomi has released a various smartphone with the MIUI operating system. On February 24, 2016, Xiaomi reported that MIUI ROM had over 160 million users worldwide.

MIUI comes with the preinstalled apps that are the basic need of smartphones. MIUI comes with two spaces for the user with that user can work in two different spaces. Many times users need to run a clone of application and for that, they need to install an Apk cloner or a multi-account application in his phone but With the MIUI launcher user don’t need to install third-party apps, they can use that app in second apps. MIUI is available in 32 different languages.



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