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The Monster Hunter is a series of fantasy-themed action RPG(role-playing video game) that got it first released in 2004. Monster Hunter franchise is owned, developed and published by Capcom since 2004. The game has a variety of platform to play on, the game has its main players on the personal computer, consoles, mobile phones, and portable consoles.

All the games of this franchise are primarily based on fantasy genre action role-playing game. The player takes the role of a hunter, completing his quests on various landscapes some of them includes slaying and trapping monsters and most of these quests are provided by the locals. The game keeps the player engaged by providing them the reward for their quests and resources that they collected and with this money they can upgrade their armor, weapons and other items to continue their job to help the locals. All the main series games feature the multiplayer option, but can also be played in single player. The hunter type is not set like any other game by selecting the character specific preferences but mostly depends upon which type of weapon does the player choose before going on a quest.

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