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It is an online Pinboard of images where you can collect and organize the multimedia(Images) of your favorite niche. You are allowed to create as many boards as you can and roll with different user and interests. In short, it is basically a social network like Facebook, Instagram, etc which let the user search across the images, visually share and discover the new interests.

Pinterest is very crazily focused on the concept of human lifestyle and thus it permits to pin or share the interests of different people which eventually give a chance to know someone of similar interests.

It was born with the goal to connect everyone globally through their interest. The users can either pin the pictures they like or upload their own collection. All user need to do is create an account ( Without logging in user cannot access anything on Pinterest ). It offers very simple and usual standards of social networking. Similar to the applications user access in the day to day life. For eg- following a friend, sharing the pins, linking, commenting, liking etc. Overall, the application promotes the visual interest sharing on a vast level.

Pinterest is spotted as the fastest growing platform back then from 2013, for what, credit goes to the women of Midwest. They’ve started mixing up with new applications so well.

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