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Prison Architect is a construction and management simulation game based on private prison. It was started off by Introversion Software via crowdfunded alpha pre-order mode.  The game is pretty much inspired from those of Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper and more.

The game has a top-down 2D gameplay where the user gets to control and run the prison. The user has the right to manage the entire aspect of prison like building of cells, hiring staffs for chores like warden, guards and workers, connecting the utilities around and manage the finances of the prison. The more you recruit staff in the game, you get to unlock different new aspects of the game.

You as a player would be tasked with being both the architect and the governor of the game and can manage it all around via the sandbox micromanagement theme gameplay. You can bring different reform programs to the gameplay helping reduce the recidivism tate of the prisoner’s. You can enhance the difficulty levels by adding up elements like gangs, more.

Prison Architect further had a beta release where it added new expansion to the storyline. A new escape mode was also added on where the player acts as a prisoner and should escape the prison.


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