1 Best Alternatives to QuickPic & Similar Apps for Linux

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Quick Pic is an application for Android. Quickpic is a free application created by cheetah mobile. This application works on your phone as a gallery for your pictures. Users say that QuickPic is very fast and better than default gallery of mobiles. QuickPic allows users to rotate, shrink, and crop pictures direct from the QuickPic app. The best part of this app is that this is free and there are no ads in this app. Users can set a picture as wallpaper directly from QuickPic application.

The QuickPic app is good, Free and also has a lot of features but there is bad news that the QuickPic App is discontinued you can’t use this app on your phone. Now, When QuickPic is discontinued You should go for an Alternative of QuickPic.

Google Photos

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Google Photos is a photo storage service developed by Google. It was released by Google on May 28, 2015. Google Photos is a free application and compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and almost all operating system. Google Photos Supports Images...

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