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RimWorld is a simulation-based construction and management game which has been part of Ludeon Studios. The game was initially known as Eclipse Colony and first made way as an alpha software. The game went through Kickstarter fundraiser and raised quite a heave of money.

RimWorld finally was launched into the steam access on 2016 and an Alpha version 14. The game is still into beta version with the full mode releasing soon. It has a top-down two-dimensional view. The game revolves around three different characters being stranded around after their space liner crashed in another planet of rim world. Although you cannot perse faster-than-light travel as that is still impossible and unfeasible.

The game revolves around expanding settlement of people on another planet. Once the characters procure the resources on offer, they can leave the planet via spaceship. The game events are often depicted by the AI storyteller. There’s three of the preconfigured storytellers as Cassandra Classic giving steady increase in difficulty in game, Phoebe Chillax giving peace between negative events and Randy Random giving unpredictable events at random times. The events thrown randomly by the storyteller affects the game.

The game is pretty detailed with each character’s psychology depicted like that of Dwarf Fortress. All the characters are unique and different from each other. Although you can regenerate those characters that you don’t like. It ends when at least one of the characters escapes the planet on a spaceship or when all the characters are dead.


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