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StarCraft was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. This game was a huge success and was the most selling game of the year. The game made its debut at E3 1996. The game huge success inspired the team to make the official add-ons but they were not well received by the critics and both parts were released in the year 1998.

All the games in the StarCraft game series are real-time strategy games, where the player enact as the military commander and handles the scene for each of the three species. The plot of all the parts of the games are interconnected and the game continues from where the last part left off. Even if all the releases are unique from each other the player still can feel the vibe of the original theme.

In the gameplay as the military commander of a species living far away in the galaxy the fight with each other to show their dominance over the galaxy. The player needs to apply strategy to solve the different strategies by the enemies. StarCraft is known as the benchmark setter for the modern days’ real-time strategy game. This game holds to Guinness Book records and is known as one of the most important games created in this century.

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