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Summoners war is an online multiplayer strategy game in which every player has its individual turn. This game is developed by “Com2u”, a South Korean game developer company. Summoners war was firstly introduced on 12 June 2014 at an Electronic Entertainment Expo. Till date, this game has over 50 million downloads on both Google PlayStore and iOS store.

In this games, you just need to acquire a monster and you have to fight a battle when your turn comes. For new players, the very first task will be to get scrolls so that they can unlock the monster. Apart from this, in order to increase the initial stats of the monster, you have to use Runes. But there is a limitation to the usage of runes, in a battle, a monster can only use 6 runes.

Occasionally, some more options get added to the game like “World Arena” and “Goodwill battle”. In World Arena, any player can start a battle against any player in real time. Whereas in Goodwill battlle, no ranking done. Goodwill battle is like pratice sessions for the users. In this battle, users can even invite their frends and can have some practice.

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