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Everyone is trying to survival. “Endnight Game” had created a game on the survival and named it “The Forest”. This game is developed and Published by Endnight games. It was released for Microsoft Windows on 30 April 2018 and now according to the officials, after 6 November 2018, it will available for PlayStation 4.

The forest is a single player as well as a multiplayer game. Thus, anyone can enjoy surviving the deadly forest with their friends and even can struggle alone.Unlike other games, The Forest doesn’t have any set of Mission or any queue of checkpoints.

It’s not required for the player to follow the instructions or we can say Players aren’t bounded to follow a list of instruction. This game is based on First person Prospective which means it’s up to the Player How he/she wants to play.

The game starts in a dense Forest somewhere in Peninsula. Actually, the Character Eric (player) and his son Timmy are the survivors of a massic Plane crash. After that, Eric and Timmy will be attacked by some Mutants and specifically Cannibal will try to Timmy away from his Father Eric. Later Eric will go through different stages and situations in order to save his son from any casualties.

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