Backwards 3 (Ɛ) Love Symbol | How to Type

backwards 3

Mostly this reverse 3 symbol or Ɛ symbol is used to type and make a backwards heart symbol.

Most of the time this symbol is used by couples who want to show their love.

backwards 3

How to type reverse 3 symbols?

There are few ways to type 3 in reverse but actually a simple way would be, to just copy it from here Ɛ

But if you really want to know the secret then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will tell you ways to write 3 in reverse.

How to write reverse 3?

Now we will open the secret for writing backwards 3 from the keyboard.

Actually, it is very simple. There is a code that you need to enter. Many professionals use it in their work. To make a backward 3 in a blank document in your word processor or anywhere, just type “0190” and then press “ALT-X” to convert this code into a reverse 3.

Another way to write 3 backwards

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word or Google Docs and browse a variety of character styles. You just need to follow these instructions:

Step 2: Click on the Insert button and then click on the symbol.

Step 3: Once the new window will open, It will contain a huge set of characters and symbols, from which you can select various different characters which exactly looks like a backwards three. 

If you try these methods with some other font style except windows defaults, maybe you will see some errors. But don’t worry just check the windows default language like Arial or Roman and then do the exact steps shown above. 

What is reserve 3 used for?

Reverse 3 symbol is not easily written by anyone as it is mostly copied from Google.

Many people use this symbol in their daily life to show some love or feelings for their loved ones.

They generally type backwards 3 and then the greater symbol then combined it looks like a heart symbol(Ɛ>). 

There are lots of different communication symbols, we can type via our keyboard or keypad like:

  •  (*_*)  Shows love sign
  •  🙂  Happy Face  
  • 🙁 Sad Face
  • 😀 Super happy face 
  • (-_-) Bored and many more. 

Reverse 3 is most of the times used for showing love. This symbol is used to show love online to their partners.

Because we always try to make our conversation impressive we use such symbols and make our conversation memorable for our partners.

This is also used by the people who are creative with their thoughts and show it to the world. 

Many youngsters also use it to just look cool in front of their peer group.

But now as we are familiar with many messaging and chatting platforms they have made their own emojis with some beautiful effects which anyone can use while chatting. 

Does Ɛ look like an E? Can E be used in place of reverse 3?

Well, I would have to say, yes, to some extent reverse 3 looks like an E but not completely. it cannot be used for a heart symbol. Reverse 3 is nothing as this symbol can be interpreted in many ways. But obviously nobody would like to add E instead of a cool looking reverse 3 as it also builds a question in person seeing it, how did this happen.


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