5 Best Digital Camera under 10000 in India May 2017

Best Digital Camera under 10000

Camera is your favourite companion when you go to the trips. Usually the camera you were carrying was costly enough. Now get the devices at a lower cost. In India, you can get good quality digital cameras below the range of 10000 INR. Some of the top devices that you will get within your budget are here for your assistance. Just get through them and you will find an actualized support for your trip. Here is the list of the five devices that will be good for your trip.

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Best Digital Camera under 10000 in India 2017

Canon PowerShotSX610 HS – The device is having everything you need including the high quality camera support of 20 MP. The camera can be zoomed with 18 X version and is having a high quality VGA recording option too. You will get the device at a worth of 7650, which is really less for your use. 7.89-inch size of the camera device is also trendy for your use.

Canon PowerShotSX610 HS

Nikon CoolPixS7000 – The picture quality of the camera is great with 16 MP lens. The size of this device is also 7.89 inches, but you will get the real difference in the zoom effect. It will be 20x of the original view. Price of the device is rated as 8400 INR, which is quite less, as compared to that of your 10000 INR budget. The device is one of the best set for your regular use and that makes it one of the major reason to choose it.

Nikon CoolPixS7000

Canon PowerShotIXUS 275 HS – This device is really a good one, especially, when you are looking for a pocket camera device for yourself. It comes with a 20.2 MP and the zoom is 12x version. It is available with BSI CMOS sensor and that makes the set a special one among all the cameras available. The look and the style of the device is excellent. The effective style of the device is wonderful with some of the bets features. The price of the device is INR 7490.

Sony CyberShot DSC WX80 – This one is another branded support within 10000 INR. The lovely device with 16 MP lens and 8x Zoom is going to give you a perfect support for your trip purpose with CMOS Sensor attached with it. You can get a perfect display and exposure from the device.

Sony CyberShot DSC WX80Sony Cybershot DSC W830 – Here is another lovely device that is available for you ate a cheaper rate. In the device, you will get 20 MP camera and 8x Zoom. You can also experience a perfect video recording experience in this device. This device is not only priced below 10,000 INR, but the price is below 7000 INR. So, get this ISO marked device and use it in your trips. You will really get a great support from it.

Sony Cybershot DSC W830

All the above mentioned devices are of branded company and are of great performance. Getting the devices for you at such a cheap rate, and that too with the ultimate features, will assist you deeply in the coming trips of yours. Just select the right one from the above cameras and order the same online or offline.

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