Top 5 Best Electric Razor and Shaver for Men in India

Top 5 Best Electric Razor and Shaver for Men in India

A good, sharp, Strong and powerful razor can make all the difference between nicks, cuts, or shaver burn and a fine, smooth, even shave. Here are some Best Electric Shaver and best electric razors for men. Pleasure to be that you don’t have to do with cheap made, dull,  razors  because there are so many style razors available in the market. That gives you easy way to select good one. If you can easy daily shaving machines also do you need. Here i will share with you best way to choose good Shaver by my electric razors reviews.

Best Electric Razor and Shaver for Men in India

Best Electric Shaver for Men in India

There are many varieties of electric razor or shaver or beard trimmers are available in the market. But it’s very difficult to chose the best in your price. Until you try it yourself you cannot say that which is best. SO best way to select best razor for men is by reading reviews of electric razor.

Philips AquaTouch AT890/16 Men’s Shaver

Philips AquaTouch AT89016 Men's Shaver

If you are looking for best electric shaver for men in India, then you must go for this. Philips Aqua Touch series is very popular for its smooth glides over the curves of face, it’s ability to cut shortest stubble. Philips AT890 is the latest model of Aqua Touch electric razors of Philips.

Features of Philips At1890/16 Aqua Touch for Men

  • Can be use for both Dry and Wet shave and also with your shaving foam.
  • Pop up trimmer perfect for sideburns and mustache
  • Dual Precision to shave the shortest to Shortest hair or Stubble.
  • In 3 minute of charge you can shave once.
  • Full charge in 1 hour can stand upto 50 minutes enough for 17 shaves.
  • Super Lift and Cut action
  • Skin Protection System
  • Water Proof.

Price of Philips Aqua Touch AT1890/16 is Rs 3199 on Amazon.

There are many other models in Philips Aqua touch Series, you can also check them like Aqua Touch AT620/14 for Rs1999, AT610/14 for Rs 1720, AT600/15 for Rs 1410, AT891/16 for Rs 2764 and AT751/16 for Rs 2588.  You can also chose from this large list accordict to your budget. There are many electric shaver under 2000.

Braun Cruzer 6 for Clean Shave

Braun is renowned company in terms of trimmers and shaver worldwide. It’s products are really great. If you have high budget then you can go for Braun Cruzer 6. It is the best shaver to clean both black and grey beard. It has good battery life and can do multiple shavings in one charge.

Braun Cruzer 6 Clean Shave Braun Cruzer 6

Features of Braun Cruzer 6

  • Work in both dry and wet and even with gel and foam.
  • Sensofoil for close smooth shave.
  • 1 Charge can withstand for a week shave.
  • Great Skin Comfort.
  • Quick Shave
  • Easy to Clean
  • Low battery indicator
  • 2 Years Warranty.

Price of Braun Cruzer 6 in India on Amazon is Rs 4499 and Rs 3799.

Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer

Here is the best trimmer from Philips, it is the budget trimmer you can buy from Philips. If you want something that can trim all your body hairs then i will suggest you to go for trimmer not the shaver or razor. Like this Philips QT4011/ 15 is specially designed to trim your beard and hairs of private parts.

philips trimmer - best trimmer in India

Features of Philips Trimmer

  • Comfortable operation with smooth glides.
  • High performance battery.
  • Easy Trimming level settings.
  • Easy cleaning and detachable.
  • Quick Charge.

These are the some features of Philips trimmer and here is the best price for Philips Trimmers is Rs 1649 on Amazon and if you want its lower model Philips Qt4000 it is available at Rs 1085 on Amazon. It is the best trimmer under Rs 1000 in India.

Panasonic ES6850S Men’s Shaver

Panasonic ES6850S Men's Shaver

If you looking for low budget electric razor or shaver then this is for you. The Panasonic Shaver is one of the best electric shaver under Rs 1000 in India. It is single headed shaver with spinet blade and cleaning brush. It has one on/off switch for easy accessing. It is good for quick and easy shaving. It comes with 2years of warranty also.

Price of Panasonic ES6850S Men’s Shaver is Rs 699 on Amazon.

Nova Body Groomer NV-178 Shaver For Men/Women

Nova Body Groomer NV-178 Shaver For Men Women

If you are looking for cheapest electric shaver in India then here it is Nova NV-178. It is the only electric shaver under Rs 500 in India. This shaver is suitable for both men and Women. You can trim your beard, mustache and body hairs with it. It is cordless and can be used for 45 minutes in one charging. It has three heads and can be cleaned with brush. It can only be used in dry operation.

So these are the top electric razors and best electric shavers in India. You can choose from the above list and go clean your beard. Have a clean and comfortable shave. Hope you liked my electric shaver reviews.



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