6 Best Mini Fridge & Compact Refrigerator for Home, Office or Hotels Room

People are constantly on the go nowadays and therefore not inclined to buy things that are not flexible and portable to carry should they decide to shift base at some point.

The concept of mini fridges, have therein become popular as they are small enough for you to have ease of packing and carrying to a different location but big enough for a single person to store some essential food and drinks.

Are you looking for the same now?

In the case you are looking to buy one of them, this is the best place you could have visited because you will find a comprehensive review list of the most popular ones. It will enable you to know a good deal about their functioning and features and make an informed decision, for any investment is beneficial if you have put your money after having conducted adequate research.

It is important that you keep in mind that there has been a considerable advancement in the design and technology of such kind of fridges in the global market right now and while on the lookout, you are going to be spoilt for choices. Therefore, it becomes of importance that you select wisely the mini-fridges that comply with your various needs such as space, cooling power, size and so on.

Features You Should Be Looking For

Since the concept of the mini fridge is quite popular now and they come in all shapes sizes and styles now, it is important that you buy them based on the features each of them can provide. Some of the ideal features you should be looking for in your mini fridge have been listed down below for your better understanding:

  • Budget: Since a mini fridge is a short time investment, it is important that you buy an affordable one that is also adequate regarding its capacity and will not require you to spend additional amounts of money on repeated repairing.
  • Compartment: Because each person has different storage needs, it is important that you always try to buy mini fridges that have adjustable compartments and slide out shelves so that you can organize your fridge to your preference.
  • Compressed power: You must go for the mini-fridges that have compressed power unit for it will not need to dissipate heat in any way and thus you will not be required to place it somewhere with better air movement.

Best Mini Compact Fridge

Listed down are some of the most popular models doing the round in most of the leading online shopping stores around the world.

We are here to help you understand, through an honest sharing of information about each of these models, which one lives up to the hype they have generated in the global market.

For your convenience, the description has been provided in separate categories, read on to find more.

1. Haier HC17SF15RB 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator (Space Saving Flat back Design)

It will do you good to know that this particular model is quite popular because of the dimensions it comes in of 18-7/8 x 17-7/8 x 19-3/8 with a manual defrosting system. The food shelves used to make the fridge are of wires. This particular product also comes with a one year warranty and the fact that it comes from the company which ranks among the major appliance brands in the world also adds to its repute. However, you must be aware of the model’s specifications to understand if it will serve your needs.


One of the best features about this mini fridge is that it has a half-width compartment that is a freezer along with an ice cube tray. This model also has a full-width slide-out wire shelf that makes storage much easier and allows free usage to the consumer. You should also know that this one comes with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature to the accurate level through just turning the knob on it. It also comes in a favorable enough size to be able to store taller bottles and can hold up to three liters of liquid to it. Cleaning inside of the fridge is also rather smooth owing to its flexible and compact design.

  • Has a height enough to hold bottles that are a little taller than the average ones.
  • This comes with a free shipping offer from most of the online stores.
  • The shelves on the sides are full width and made of glass allowing you to be able to see what has been stored behind.

  • This model does not come with a crisper wherein to store fresh food.
  • It does not have a can dispenser.
  • It does not have the facility of an interior light.

2. Igloo FR326M-D-BLACK Erase Board Refrigerator

One of the foremost things to be aware of is that the product is at dimensions of 19.0 x 17.5 x 31.25 and is spacious enough to hold dinner for two people in it. This particular product comes with a door which is a dry erasing board from the outside for you to be able to list important stuff relating to the household on it. The mechanism and design of this one show quality build and they are also somewhat reasonably priced for the array of features each of them can provide.


It is rather important to be aware of the specific features that a mini fridge comes with for the simple reason that your storing needs can be different than of others and only reviews of how nice they were to use won’t do. This particular model ranks second in our list because it has 3.2 cubic foot of freezer and fridge space which is more than enough considering that it is an affordable mini fridge. The writing and erasing part is also made rather easy smoothness of the front door. You should also know that this model comes with an insurance of three years of protection that you have to pay at the time of purchasing this product.

  • Most of the online stores offer free shipping on this product.
  • Easy to remember kitchen stuff because of its dry erase writing boards.
  • It comes with its material appropriate neon writing marker.
  • Shipping is done in a packaging that reveals what is inside.

  • It cannot hold more than one gallon of milk.
  • Comes with an initial manufacturing odor that goes away upon cleaning it for the first time.
  • This particular item does not ship to some major countries like India and so on.

3. Black Decker BCRK32V Compact Refrigerator

It will do you good to know that this particular model comes with unit dimensions of 17.5 x 19.3 x 32.7 inches and weighs almost fifty pounds. It is a great way to save space if you own a studio apartment that has not adequate space for appliances that are not compact. This particular model is also a steal deal for all those who are just looking to grab and store ready to eat meals. This one ranks high up among the other ones because of the space it provides for storage as compared to its price.


It is a foolish business to buy a mini fridge without knowing the features it singularly possesses and weighing their need in your household. This particular model has a good number of impressive features that make it so popular in the global market right now. Some of them include a full-width adjustable glass shelf that allows you to customize the sections of your fridge according to your needs. This one also has three full-width door shelves that allow storage of over one gallon of liquid. It also has been befitted with a vegetable crisper which is quite a win for the price you have to pay. Additional storage space is also made available through the custom design.

  • An adjustable shelf makes it easy for you to organize the contents of the fridge.
  • Contains one glass shelves which slide out when you need it to.
  • This model is also available in three different colors.
  • Contains an adjustable thermostat for you to be able to regulate the temperature inside it to your preference.

  • The adjusting of the shelves can prove to be quite a tricky business.
  • The manufacturing company takes a little long to complete the process of shipping, thus delaying delivery to a certain extent.

4. Midea WHS-121LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

One of the first things to keep in mind about this particular model is that it has a compact size and is free standing which makes it perfect for studio apartments and dormitories. It also comes with a streamlined look that can easily complement any style or setting of interiors. It is important that you understand that since this fridge has also been designed keeping in mind of serving a purpose in nurseries they are configured using quiet whisper technology which allows the machine to make no noise at all during the entire day. These fridges are also rather energy efficient and reasonable priced to serve all kinds of purposes.


It will do you good to know that this particular model is made to fit smaller kitchens and spaces and comes with a temperature adjustment mechanically of a range of about -2’ to 2’ Celsius. Their size and mechanization is perfect for chilling various beverages and produces as well as snacks. The front door on the fridge is rather sturdy and is ideal for holding more quantities of food than drinks. Its convenient size allows you even to have one tucked under the desk of your office cubicle. This particular model is also perfect for storing ice, fruits, and dairy.

  • Compact in size and suave to look at to store at any small space without problems.
  • Contains various sections and compartments for the convenience of holding food items of different size and shape.
  • Have quiet compressors that make no sound during the process of it functioning which eliminates one of the biggest problems with a mini fridge.

  • This particular item is not shipped to a good number of major countries.
  • This model is also a little bit on the heavy side.
  • Does not fall under the category of products that are shipped for free in most online stores.

5. RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

It will do you good to know that this particular model ranks fifth on our list for the simple reason that it combines effortlessly the style and trend of today with cutting edge advanced refrigeration technology which makes it so popular in the global market at the moment. You should also be aware of the fact that this model allows food storage in a way that is environmentally sustainable. The item also has a sleek design which makes it suitable for all kinds of households, and because it comes in seven different colors, you can blend it in with spaces with variedly different décor schemes. The material used to make this mini fridge is acrylic and has a capacity of 3.2 cubic foot.


One of the most impressive features of this particular model is that it allows low energy consumption and has reversible doors that make your job of handling it even smoother. The shelves are made of glass for maximum visibility inside the fridge, and they can slide out when you need them to. The fridge also contains an adjustable thermostat that makes regulating the temperature inside quite easily. It is also popularly endorsed because of the absence of CFC in its making and refrigeration technology. The Glass shelves are tempered for your convenience, and the model contains a space-saving flushed back design for a superior look.

  • This particular model has an amazing capacity of holding liquid bottles and cans that make it such a popular model in the market.
  • It also comes with a two-year protection plan that you have to pay out at the time of purchasing the product.
  • It also falls under the category of products that are shipped for free in most online stores.

  • Some of the previous owners have reportedly received the item with dents on it.

6. Danby Designer DARO26A1BDD Compact All Refrigerator

You should first be aware that this model comes only in the black color and has a capacity of 2.6 cubic foot which is adequate for a mini fridge of this size and price. It has a height of about two feet and is ideal for use on floors and countertops. This model is also popular for complying with energy star and has an automatic defrosting system. One of the other impressive factors about this model is that it is made using scratch resistant worktop, contains leveling legs and an integrated door handle which ensures smooth functioning of the entire mechanism.


This particular model is quite advanced in its design seeing as how it contains adjustable wire shelves that are ideal for storing various shapes of food; the door is reversible which allows the fridge to adapt easily for opening at any of the two sides. It is one of the ideal models for student or small space usage. It is a rather compact model that allows low energy consumption with a smooth black design and a dispensing system for beverages. It also comes with a chord that is almost about 1.6 meters long. One of the things to add is the fact that the refrigerant used for this model is at R600a units.

  • The dispensing system it comes with is one of its singular features that is absent in most mini fridges of this price.
  • Comes with a warranty of about one and half years which is quite impressive for a mini fridge.
  • Rather convenient in handling because of its both sides opening facility.

  • Because of its short height, it has a lower storage space than most other mini fridges.
  • It comes only in one color.
  • Does not fall under the category of products that are shipped for free
  • The packaging does not indicate what is inside at the time of delivery.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, in the case you are a student or an office goer or one with a studio apartment, there is no need to worry yourself about the storage of your eatables and drinks. With the array of options that you will receive while looking for the best mini fridge, you will find quite a few good deals but none as good as the one that you will get if you decide on buying the ones from this list. While the mini fridge from Haier takes away the cake, each of the others listed in this review is also really efficient and resourceful in their right and are thus on every other list as the most popular ones. All you need to do is be clear on what it is that you need the most storage space for in your mini fridge and buy one that is perfect for just that to be able to get maximum usage out of them and get complete value for your money.

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