10 Best Free Music Player App for Android

Best Free Music Player App for Android

Android devices are the device that has created a different session for all the music lovers. Excellent quality of music is there for all the sets, where the role of music players is more than anything.

They are featured with so many additional features, that the music lovers are loving the devices, more than iPods and other music players. A list of the best free Music player App, that has created a sensation for the android users are as follows:

best music player for android

Best Free Music Player for Android

Here I am sharing the list of Best free music player for android which will support your device to play the music with more functionality.

1.Double twist music player

The Music player is having a perfect interphase and excellent. The app is having all the features in its free version, although the radio subscription is for the pro version only. The app gives a perfect music listening experience to all the users.

2. Equalizer and MP3 player

The users who love to customize the music with equalizers will like this app, which is having a highly customizable equalizer and perfect colourful interphase, that will please you a lot. However, if you are not a lover of equalizer, this app is not for you at all. Download Now.

3. Google Play music

Google Play music

If you love listening to online music, this is the best Free Music player for you. You will love the appearance and functioning of the app, but will not love the app, if you want to listen music from your SD card. Download Now.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4. Jet Audio Music Player

The free version of the app is excellent and you will love the appearance of the app too. There is no visualization aid or equalizer, but the music quality of the player is excellent. The app is also available for purchase, but free version is enough for general users.

jetAudio+ Hi-Res Music Player
jetAudio+ Hi-Res Music Player
Developer: Team Jet
Price: $4.99

5. N7 Player

N7 Player

This player is loved by the users, not for the interphase but for its support to maximum audio formats. This makes the app special and great in functioning. You will love the paid version of the app, more than that of the free version.

n7player Music Player
n7player Music Player

6. Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player

The app is excellent and that is going to give you an excellent support with its ultimate interphase and get the support of 32 and 64 bit. It is having good features in it, but the app is available only in paid version.

Neutron Music Player
Neutron Music Player
Price: $7.99

7. Player Pro music player

The app is for the advanced users, with excellent user interphase and customized settings. The app is a paid one, but you can use the trial version, beforehand and get the support initially.

PlayerPro Music Player (Pro)
PlayerPro Music Player (Pro)
Developer: BlastOn SA
Price: $4.99

8. Power amp

Power amp

If you like to listen to the songs from a player, in your own liked theme, this app is the best one for you. This app is also available only in the paid version, with a free trial. Download.

9. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music player

This one is a great app, with all the features available in the free version. The paid version will give you some of the advanced features, including the customized equalizer.

Rocket Music Player
Rocket Music Player

10. Shuffle +

shuffle plus

This music player is having some advanced features installed in it. You can experience the ultimate functioning of folder player, including the latest features in the paid version of the app. Lots of functions are there in the app, although it looks simple.

Shuffle Plus Music Player
Shuffle Plus Music Player
Developer: Tgth
Price: Free
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  1. Some applixations were missed:
    Mixmatch, also provide the lyrics and a great base of the songs
    MyAudioStream, a music player and audio streaming application to play all the music library you have collected with the servers like NAS, PCs, MAC


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