8 Best Polaroid Instant Print Cameras: Buying Guide with Features, Cons, Specs

Polaroid- the word came from Polarize + Old = Polaroid. Which just means a camera that captures still and provide an instant hard copy, now it is also known as Instant Camera. Earlier, it was invented in 1923 first and then commercial one in 1943 in New York. In that period instant cameras were very famous in the name of Polaroids, used for business purpose mostly including fashion section. Back then before digital photography, they were known to be best modern devices. Later, digital cameras have taken over them. These are tiny gadgets in the world of photography. In past 30 years, digital photography boomed in the market.

Currently, these products again came in the market showing a sign of fun, retro cameras. They have appeared with better technology considering the demand of the public, with better shutter speed, ISO, and quality persuading instant result, like what crowd seeks. Covering the age from a little kid to old people, Polaroid kept itself up.

Despite the world with amazing technology people still, prefer hard copy as the token of love and what more we can expect if camera provides instant pictures.


Polaroid Camera BUYING GUIDE


As charm of Polaroid cameras is slightly less than digital cameras, so it is hard to find the best instant camera for people who love it as there are many varieties available. Many factors need to get noticed while buying instant cameras. Buying guide will help you with features and specifications.


Nowadays Polaroid cameras are full featured cameras like digital ones. They offer the option to shoot, review and print them according to one’s choice.

  • DISPLAY: They have got colored TFT LCD to review the recorded image/video and even have the option in the menu setting to rotate upto 90 degrees in left or right. However, the video does not have this option in these cameras
  • MULTIPLE IMAGE LAYOUT:  They even provide the option to combine three images into one, and we can make album according to our requirements.
  • SATURATION AND SHARPNESS:  There is always an option available to manage sharpness and saturation before printing it.
  • WHITE BALANCE: White balance of the images are easy to adjust the picture setting. 
  • DYNAMIC LIGHTING: It allows you to change under exposed and over exposed area.
  • BLUR EFFECTS: Blur effects could get well managed according to the desires of the image in the setting.
  • ISO: The base of the picture lies here in with maintaining iso in light and dark mode. According to lights pattern, we can manage Iso in the setting. Polaroids have ISO100, ISO200, ISO400
  • RED EYE EFFECT: Red eye correction option is available in some polaroids while pictures with flash or other lights create red eye errors. The camera got this feature to cure this error as these gadgets meant to release instant hard copy
  • EV COMPENSATION:  Exposure can be managed of each image in settings or automatically in auto mode.
  • VIDEO MODE: The device allows you to capture video of 1280 x 720-pixel resolution. It is also up with a feature of voice memo recording upto 30 seconds in an image.
  • SELF TIME: A necessary option which takes the shot automatically with the set time
  • STORAGE: We Can store it in internal storage as well as SDHC card and sd cards

Above are given the features of an instant camera, now what foremost we need to see is which is best according to our need, if you just have started with the photography then you should seek for regular budget and user-friendly camera.

If you are too much into photography and find for the best quality films instant, then you should watch out for budget and get a good quality film releasing one. Whose films battery packs are easily available and small issues does not hinder your work.

List of Best Instant Cameras or Polaroid Camera

1. INSTAX MINI 9 INSTANT CAMERA ($62 – $64 Most Suggested)

Out of all the technology of photography world, some hipsters look after cool gadgets. If you are the one, who is just tired of transferring data here and there, and look for an instant hard copy of the memory you created then you should know, the particular product got love and appreciation by almost all.

Nonetheless, it is the most suggested instant camera. The cute toy looks, weights 460g and slimmer than other Instax models.

The model is designed in such a unique way that it gives a modern look with retro techniques. The best part of the camera is it automatically determines the brightness level required. Due to user-friendly features, the camera itself guide you well about corresponding with lights and focus. It is delineated in such a way that a small child can get friendly with it.


  • EXPOSURE CONTROL: manual switching system (exposure meter is with LED indicator)
  • ISO: 800
  • FLASH: constant firing flash
  • DIMENSIONS: 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm
  • FILE FORMAT: 2.1 x 3.4″
  • BATTERY: 2 AA 1.5v alkaline batteries

Some of the key features are:

  • You can take high key photos
  • The product got Instagram-filters
  • Automatic exposer measurement setting
  • Improved clarity
  • Affordable in price
  • Available in many attractive colors


  • Slow in printing sometimes
  • The film is not easily available
  • Picture quality is not that much satisfactory

2. FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 90 ($113.4 – $115.8 Classic Retro Look)

Mini 90 Neo classic is up with new technology with the double exposure setting. The particular device got incredible retro performance with many creative tools. It is developed under the NEO CLASSIC concept.

The device is fierce competition to Polaroids. It holds multiple features with stunning picture quality, and it is effortless and convenient to use. The device is pocket sized, so it is comfortable to carry while traveling. For those who have great craze of instant pictures with high quality and didn’t feel like spending much then this is cool option to go for.
The gadget has breathtaking new features which include the Macro mode, kids mode, double exposure mode, party mode, high-performance flash, brightness control, landscape mode, bulb exposure mode, double exposure mode and a tripod socket also, which can be a help in passport pictures, portraits and still photos.


  • EXPOSURE CONTROL: automatic
  • ISO: 800
  • FLASH: built in
  • DIMENSIONS: 113.4mm x 91.9mm x 57.2mm
  • FILE SIZE: 86mm x 54mm
  • BATTERY: last about 10 films, rechargeable battery
  • WEIGHT: 296g


Some of the key features are:
  • Automatically detects and adjust the brightness
  • Balances the amount of flash and shutter speed to optimize picture quality
  • Double exposure mode which can press on 2 images and a single one by pressing shutter twice.
  • Due to bulb mode feature, it is easy to click light trails
  • The portable camera easily fits in the pocket
  • Displays colorful and sharp images


  • The zoom lens is not available, so for the far objects, you need  to go closer
  • The black and white film is not available

3. POLAROID PIC-300 ($64.99 Mordanized classic Camera)

Another amazing device, if you are a huge fan of Polaroids, you should give this device a try. The team has developed and modernized this old classic camera with added on amazing features.

Furthermore, this is an analog camera which is available in 4 different colors and up with providing high-quality instant pictures within a minute and that too particular retro form one. The gadget has 4 scene mode, and you can opt your mode according to the place where you will click.

Built in with automatic flash which allows getting the proper click in little lights. Also, even the people who want their business card photo print, this camera is an excellent option as it is very light weight and easy to carry anywhere.

Adding on to it battery life is pretty amazing as it draws out the battery from film cartridge. Although, not effective as compare to Fujifilm 90. However, Overall a good product to buy.


  • EXPOSURE CONTROL: auto focus
  • ISO: 800
  • FLASH: built in
  • DIMENSIONS: 119.4mm x 121.5mm x 70.5mm
  • FILE FORMAT: 2.1 x 3.4″
  • WEIGHT: 314 grams

Some of the key features are:

  • Takes instant business card size pictures
  • Manual exposure compensation
  • Four scene helps you in capturing any light image dark, bright, etc.
  • Auto flash in low lights with electronic shutter speed 1/60 sec
  • Breathtaking picture quality with retro reflection
  • Easy to use the camera and develops the image within a minute.
  • Small and compact size which is to carry anywhere
  • Best for portraits


  • Motions pictures are blurry
  • Useful in landscape mode

4. POLAROID SNAP TOUCH ($171- $179 Camera with Bluetooth)

Snap touch is designed considering the demands of current time. The camera does not take out films, but as it is a digital camera, it prints instant pictures by the zero ink (ZINK) technology, which is cheaper than film packs.

Adding on, it has many different and unusual features than to any other instant camera. Quality is fantastic within the price.The only demerit which can lower this Polaroid is the flash problem. You cannot click pictures in dark otherwise perfect instant camera for any light resistant area.

The product is a medley of amazing features which includes having slot of micro sd card, and that creates a way to transfer it to PC, and you do not even need smartphones to do sharing stuff on Instagram or Social Media. The camera got many good options including Bluetooth facility too. The camera is too much fun to use for instant picture lover.

Gadget got very sleek and compact design, which is attractive and trendy if you want to show off some real photographic device.


  • PICTURE SIZE: 2 x 3.’
  • SHUTTER SPEED: 1/60 sec
  • LENS: 60MM
  • ISO: 800
  • DIMENSIONS: 14.6 x 4.7 x 2.7″
  • FILE FORMAT: 2.1 x 3.4″
  • WEIGHT: 307 grams
 Some of the key features are:
  • Built in printer
  • Sleek and fabulous looks
  • Touchscreen display
  • ZINK technology
  • 3 color modes black n white, colored and vintage sepia
  • 13 megapixel CMOS
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Selfie timer/selfie mirror
  • Full HD recording video capabilities
  • Easy navigation


  • The camera does not have the flash option, so useless in dark lights
  • The battery is chargeable not user replaceable.

5. LOMO’INSTANT AUTOMAT ($149 flawless anytime, anywhere) 

For crazy instant photo lovers, you have got something versatile, the camera is so perfect and developed with amazing simple shooting modes. Adding on, it has extra lenses for different clicks. The magnificent and sleek look benefits it to the extreme, the box shaped device got a lot in it. It is in best companion list if we talk about instant cameras.

Whether it is low light, dim light or bright, it automatically adjusts the exposure and helps you in getting good clicks.

Moreover, the unique thing about it is the flash setting. The device got the flash of green yellow and white light, that again helps you in clicking perfect one. We can play it with remote also for selfies. Known to be the toy camera but this fully automatic device is something different in the photography world.


  • DIMENSIONS: 4.8 x 3.9 x 2.9″
  • APERTURE: f/8, f/22
  • BUILT IN FLASH: flash on and off mode, automatic flash
  • REMOTE CONTROL: 2 Censors, transmission by infrared
  • WEIGHT: 360 grams

 Some of the key features are:

  • 2 shooting modes
  • Fully automatic
  • Super straight forward zone focusing
  • Unlimited multiple exposures
  • Lens Cap doubles as shutter speed
  • Interchangeable color gels
  • Automatic electronic flash
  • Exposure compensation control
  • Tripod mount
  • Digital exposure counter
  • Wide angle/fisheye/splitzer compatible
  • best for landscape and travel


  • It is hard to frame image as viewfinder remains off
  • CR2 battery pack. (hard to find)

6. MiNT INSTANTFLEX TL70 ($389 Classic Twin Lens Camera)

this one is for the people who are at advanced stage of photography and want instant pictures. This one is probably best. Including the features, it allows clicking more artistic images with shifting aperture and shutter speed. Bulb mode is available for shooting upto 10 seconds.

The particular camera is yet again a great masterpiece in itself developed and enhanced under experts and proved to the best as what this camera can present. No, other instant cameras can do that. From the quality of images to quality of print, everything is pretty amazing. Every picture is beautifully detailed.

This camera is the biggest upgrade in instant camera line. The viewfinder is entirely different from others which use bright, anti-glare coated glass that capitulates the images world. Overall, the product is breathtaking one.


  • SHUTTER SPEED: 1- 1/500 sec
  • DIMENSIONS: 141MM x 102MM x 80.2MM
  • VIEW FINDER: Fresnel Super Viewfinder
  • APERTURE: f/5.6, f/16, f/8, f/22
  • BUILT IN FLASH: automatic light emission control, electronic flash
  • WEIGHT: 525 grams
  • WARRANTY: 2 years from company


 Some of the key features are:
  • High build quality
  • Bright viewfinder
  • Easy and instructive controls
  • Versatile aperture, f/5.6 with largest one in the instant camera
  • Only camera with focusing screen
  • Integrated light meter
  • Twin lens reflex Design
  • Developed magnifier and exposure control
  • Built in flash


  • Metering could be little crooked at times
  • Magnifier could be little loose to work with

7. MINT CAMERA SLR670 ($674, Best Of All)

If you are crazy about the instant camera, this is the Polaroid you would want to get your hands on.

From beginner to Advance, I can bet, there would be no one who will not appreciate it. It has got the two new auto modes and a manual mode. The base of the camera is from almost 40 years old Polaroid SX-70. The team is completely replacing the motherboard so that it won’t show any issues, to give it the taste of vintage yet modernized.

The 2 new auto modes are A100 and A600 which are sketched out for low and high ISO films to create out auto exposure thingy accurate. this lets the image be beautiful and detailed.

Again, it is so true that the price is the real high of the device, but the product is worthy if you go out for purchasing it as it is latest and most developed and technoid up till date.


  • PICTURE SIZE: 78.74 x 78.74mm
  • EXPOSURE CONTROL: Manual, long exposure, and automatic modes
  • ISO: ISO100 AND ISO600
  • SHUTTER SPEED: 1 to 1/2000 sec
  • VIEW FINDER: SLR viewfinder with split image circle focusing
  • APERTURE: f/8 fixed on manual, f/8 to f/22 on auto mode
  • BUILT IN FLASH: automatic light emission control, electronic flash
  • WEIGHT: 600 grams


 Some of the key features are:
  • Accepts impossible SX70 and 600 films
  • SLR viewfinder
  • Split image circle focusing
  • manual control
  • 2 auto modes
  • very portable
  • Stylish and classic in design
  • Built in time machine module


  • No double exposure mode
  • No timer
  • Expensive
  • No integrated flash

8. LEICA SOFORT (Over $229, Photos Celebrating life)

The Leica Sofort is all suitable time camera, and this box shaped product is Leica’s cheapest and only instant camera product, but way too costly in Polaroids. But, it provides astonishing retro look and durability.

The camera is built with very creative and expressive features. The people who love photography and are conscious about looks, this one is for them, the product is available in 3 new colors mint, orange, and white.

With the variety of manual control in settings, Leica’s this product is crazily intuitive, but what we need to take care of is the focusing distance, exposure compensation, and flash. Other settings and modes which are available are:

  1. macro
  2. bulb
  3. automatic
  4. selfie timer
  5. party
  6. sports
  7. action, etc..


  • PICTURE FORMAT: 62 x 46mm
  • SHUTTER SPEED:  1/8 – 1/400 second (mechanical shutter)
  • LENS: focal length/ aperture 60mm f/12.7
  • EXPOSURE CONTROL: Exposure mode time automatic
  • ISO: 800
  • FLASH: built in electronic flash
  • DIMENSIONS: 124 x 94 x 58
  • WEIGHT: 309 grams (without battery)


Some of the key features are:

  • Small and Compact
  • Attractive in looks
  • Fully Retro modernized pattern
  • Favorably used in the landscape style
  • It has sufficient amount of control
  • Durable battery
  • Sharp and fresh look images


  • 0 manual controls
  • Image balancing issues rarely


Basically, all cameras have something spicy in them. It is we, who need to figure out what to go and purchase. Just look after the resources near you and budget that camera comes under your budget and accessories are easily available near to you or not. If your needs are still not meeting here, just don’t worry. There are plenty of cameras available in the market.

May’be if they can sound best to you. Moreover, if you’re just crazy over printing instant, you can get mobile printer as well. So, have a happy instant camera shopping. Choose well. 🙂

Anushka is a passionate writer who loves to do wordgasm. She loves murmuring under the sky, full of stars. She puts her feet on untravelled very often. Her head is full of stories and experiences. She has a keen interest in sports and travelling.


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