Top 6 Sandboxie Alternatives and Compititors

Sandboxie is such a tool that is going to protect your data fully. There will be no chance to lose your data, after using this tool, through virus and other rootkits. The application is highly useful to save your browsing experience, free from any malware sites. To add more here the post contains top 6 Sandboxie Alternatives and Competitors.

For every web developer, this one is ultimate support. You might be looking for some of the alternatives of the app. here are the apps, that can be treated as an alternative to this one. Especially for the reason that the functioning of them is same as Sandboxie.

They are chosen out quite a many apps to comfort you for your purpose. You can easily rely on the given apps for your work.


Best Sandboxie Alternative


Get the best like a virtual machine to run any of the application that you might think can harm or make an impact on your PC. Cameyo comes as a great option. It is an open architectural virtualising application software. It can help in combining the best breed of applications in a straightforward manner.

The applications get transformed into a single sandstone, with removing the need to install. The best quality of Cameyo is, the company makers believe the application virtualisation should be comfortable for each one. No matter whether the person belongs to IT company or just a home user. Thus, it has a quite good interface.

2. BufferZone

This one is a free app and is a perfect alternative to Sandboxie. The tool is having all the features, which you usually get the tool, you use. The excellent features include perfect protection of your PC and your browsing experience.

Since this one is a free tool, you can easily install it and experience the tool. You will like it.

3. Shadow Defender

This is a tool that is going to give you an ultimate experience. It will store every good condition of your system. You can restore your system to the previous good condition with simple a mode change. This tool is not a free one but is one of the best tools, that understands your OS and reacts similarly. So, use it once, or get through the review of the app. it will guide you accurately.

Overall, it is a secured solution for windows. It surely helps you against all the malicious happenings created by running applications. It will run the system in the total virtual mode called “Shadow Mode” which will ensure that your real environment system faces no changes. So enjoy all application. Whether you’re even finding it dangerous to PC.

4. Cuckoo Sandbox

The leading and tremendously modular application are here for you. Cuckoo Sandbox is fully open source automated malware system which helps you run dangerous application easily. It observes malicious websites within Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android virtualised environments.

Freely through any suspicious application into it and have a free experience of running it without hazels. Surely many are not aware of malware sites and their harm. So here goes the solution. It is free software that automated the observes any malicious file of WindowsOS XLinux, and Android.

5. Firejail

This one is specially built for Linux users whether it be official or Home Users. It is a program that reduces the risk opted for security. It just restricts the running scenario of unfaithful applications by Linux.  Moreover, it gives access to all the descendants to work in their own privacy like network stack, process table etc.

The best part of the software is, it does not carry any complicated configuration files which need to get edited. All the security features are implemented directly.

6. Enigma virtual box

The Enigma protector offers sufficient protection and covers to virtualized files. It has an amazing virtual box functionality. Luckily, it does not ask for any added knowledge. You can enjoy it freely as the application is free to use. Like other virtual application assistants, you don’t need to register or pay amounts to deal with harmful or malware thingy.

Get it according to your comfort and feel free working from a virtual platform as it won’t affect any of your personal data.

Bottom Line

All the six tools above are compatible with your OS and are an excellent tool to assist you in your functions. Just install them on your system and feel the difference they will create for you.

Edited By- Anushka Ranka

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