Top 5 Best Sandboxie Alternative

Sandboxie is such a tool that is going to protect your data fully. There will be no chance to lose your data, after using this tool, through virus and other rootkits. The tool is highly effective to save your browsing experience, free from any sort of malware sites. For every web developer this one is an ultimate support. You might be looking for some of the alternatives of the app. here are the top five apps, that can be treated as alternative to this one. Especially for the reason that the functioning of them is same as Sandboxie.

sandboxie alternative

Top 5 Best Sandboxie Alternative

1. BufferZone

This one is a free app and is a perfect alternative of Sandboxie. The tool is having all the features, that you usually get in the tool, you use. The excellent features include a perfect protection of your PC and your browsing experience. Since this one is a free tool, you can easily install it and experience the tool. You will definitely like it.


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2. Shadow Defender

This is a tool that is going to give you an ultimate experience. It will store every good condition of your system. You can restore your system to the previous good condition with simple a mode change. This tool is not a free one, but is definitely one of the best tool, that understands your OS and reacts in the similar way. So, use it once, or get through the review of the app. it will guide you accurately.

Shadow Defender

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3. iCore Virtual Account

Here is again a sophisticated tool that you can avail free of cost. The best support that it can create for you is a virtual system. The system is going to backup all your tools and is going to keep your OS clean and tidy. There will be no extra hazard in your system, by any chance. This is the challenge the brand provides to its users. So, install this tool in your system and find the difference. This tool works with kernel. So there is no chance of virus attack on your device.

iCore Virtual Account

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4. GeSWall

This is a tool that works in the deepest root, it leaves an isolated area for the malwares and enters into the root files of windows. Thus the malwares will not be able to enter your OS and create any damage to your system. Malwares can never leave the isolated space and enter your OS. This is also a free tool. So use it with absolute ease.


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5. ReturNil

This is again a tool that creates a virtual environment, with the help of which, you are going to get an amazing support. The tool is having anti-virus, anti-malware and even restoring feature. So use this tool to get all that you need, in a different way. This tool is having a great feature. The tool is however not for corporate use. Use it free for personal use.


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All the five tools that has been declared above are compatible with your OS and are excellent tool to assist you in your functions. Just install them in your system and feel the difference they will create for you.

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