Save the Stories of Snapchat With the Best Snapchat Saver for Android

Snapchat Saver for android

Snapchat is amongst the best Social media sites that have an excellent user base and interactive features. Snapchat is the need of the hour because of its exceptional integrations. It has millions of followers and it is absolutely dissimilar to all other social media platforms created so far. Snapchat has numerous filters that can be applied to the pictures for making them look more attractive. The developers are making more efforts to expand the available Snapchat features so that the app captivates the remaining audiences as well.

The only thing that the app lacks is that it gives few seconds to the users to watch any story. After that, the app disallows the users to watch any picture. Hence, you ought to save pictures so that they can be viewed later. Snapchat personally does not allow the users to save any pictures and keep them for later viewing. However, you have to download additional apps to do the same. Most of the people are fond of viewing videos and also want to keep them safe for sharing and later scrolling. There are funniest videos that you would never like to miss. So, this article would let you know how to save Snapchat photos and videos. Or you can also try these Snapchat Alternatives for more advanced features.

Best Snapchat Saver for Android

There are not much of apps on the play store that claim to do your work. However, we have researched and specifically included the ones that really work. The Snapchat photo and video saver let you download the stories in your file and upload it later on at any other social media site.

Screenshot snap

The Google play avails you with screenshot snap through which you can record the screen content for saving them on your phone. You need to press “capture” or “record screen” feature get that inky stuff on a permanent basis. Whatever things you want gets saved in your phone through the screenshot snap app. Along with that, you can edit them in the app to get a new look of the video or Pic.

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Snapbox is the easiest Snapchat saving app that can be directly downloaded the video or pics from the Snapchat app. This app is not affiliated with Sanpchat through anyway. The app is not available on the Play store so have to download it from the other sources. Luckily we Appcrawler which is one of the most trusted site to download the app, have this app for you. The Once download the Snapbox that lets you have a permanent access to the Snapchat stuff. You have to log into the Snapbox account using your Snapchat user ID and password and it will download all of your stories.

Casper Apk Download

Casper is a client of the Snapchat app. To make it more clear if you have the Casper app then login into with the snapchat id and password, after that you will get all your stories of snapchat in Casper and it will be downloaded also. Ounce you sing in into the Casper app it will automatically make you log out from the Offical Snapchat app. By Using Casper apk you can send and receive snaps just like the official Snapchat app.


SaveMySnaps is another Snapchat client. Like Casper, It lets you save stories and watch them the way you want. This is my personal favorite app that I have shared with you all. You can download it and save the snaps of your friends and beloved ones without any problems. But there is one condition once you login into the SaveMySnaps it automatically log out from the Offical Snapchat app but doesn’t worry it has a lot of tools and features which Snapchat doesn’t.


Snapcrack is the latest app that is available for download the snapchat stories. The app is not available for the Apple users. Just like all the apps, you can download videos and imageries without notifying the owners. The app may have certain negative reviews but still, perform the task you need. There are not much of editing options while posting a new story. However, on downloading you will realize how well the app works.

AZ screen recorder

Use a screen recorder software is the another best options to save the stories. If you didn’t want to use the third party Snapchat client to download the stories the screen recording is optimal for you. On play store, there are many free screen recording software but i found AZ screen recorder is the best. The app is free and very easy to understand for anyone. You just need to install the app and it set to go. There is no time limit for the screen recording.

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Hopefully, the long list helped you to find at least one app that fulfills your purpose. I have collected all of them only after a deep research. I have not inputted any link that directly channelizes you to these apps because it might appear googling for you. Just open the play store and search the app name. You will definitely find them there.


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