Feel Like Windows with Best Windows Launcher for Android

Android platforms are specifically known for their flexibility and customization. You can always transform the look of the android interface according to your personal needs. You don’t have to stick to a boring launcher that makes you constantly aggravated to change your phone. In fact, with some of the best Windows Launcher for Android, you can transform the look of the phone into Windows one. Not only windows, you can even try your hands-on to iOS launchers for Android. With some of the most wondrous windows launchers, you can get free from the mundane look of the phone. Although there is a complete pool of Windows Launcher for Android, However, we bring you the ones that best suit your needs. The below-mentioned list is definitely going to revamp your phone`s look:

Best Windows Launcher For Android

With some of the most wondrous windows launchers, you can get free from the mundane look of the phone. Although there is a complete pool of Windows Launcher for Android, However, we bring you the ones that best suit your needs. The below-mentioned list is definitely going to revamp your phone’s look. So, let’s get started:

8 Best Windows Launcher For Android

1.Launcher 8 WP style

If you love windows 8.1, then here is something really impressive for you. The theme does an amazing job in making the ultimate look. Launcher 8, is an excellent launcher for you to experience the Windows phone UI on your Android devices. The launcher will make your Android phone’s home screen looks like a Windows Phone. The launcher has amazing features like Ad-block, Custom tiles, status bar, feature titles and much more. You can customize the themes and change icons, images, wallpapers and size options for having a beautiful and customized home screen.

It’s fast and clean UI will let you customize & personalize Windows phone layout for your Android phone. The launcher also has the feature of the live titles but for that, you have to grant permission from the setting.

2. Arrow Launcher

Arrow is the personal launcher from Microsoft windows experience on your Android smartphone. Arrow is very lightweight, fast and efficient in his work. The neat and clean UI will help you the customize and personalize your device so that it matches your style. You can customize icon packs, home page layouts, wallpapers, and more. To get every day fresh look you can also use the Bing wallpaper feature. It will automatically update the wallpaper from Bing.

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However, the design matches the honorary Microsoft look. The Arrow Launcher gives android a true splash of widow’s phone. It is a light and multitasking android launcher. Arrow Launcher integrates all the Microsoft’s services in android. It gives a better Skype video calling experience and makes it a perfect fit for all the models of android phones.

3. 8.1 Metro Look Launcher

The 8.1 Metro Look Launcher is based on 8.1 windows version. It needs the user to swap towards the left to get the apps.  You can customize the arrayed apps through the long press done over them. The launcher is the perfect app to enjoy the new look of your phone. This app is designed to enjoy a color full UI. It is quite simple and easy to use. This launcher is customizable, organized, speedy and less battery consumption.

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4. Win 10 Launcher

The Win 10 Launcher available over the Google play store in the top best windows launcher. Win 10 launcher to the best launcher to get the experience of the windows on the Android. The app is built exactly like the windows 10 operating system. It includes a variety of inspired colors that will certainly act as a mood changer for you. The app perfectly syncs with the android platform and gives shortcut home screens exactly the way windows operating system does.

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You can customize your phone with the unique look and feel with the fast, clean and energy efficient Launcher. The features of the launcher as Customizable Theme Colors, Android apps in Stylish Tiles, Best Apps are available on One Click and more.

5. Home10 Launcher

Like other Launcher, it does not provides the exact look of the windows but yes something like that. If you are looking the hybrid of the windows and Android then Home 10 Launcher is the best for that. Here the home screen of the windows and Apps will be in the default. You can do the customizations and select the icons, change the wallpaper, themes and more.

Home10 Launcher
Home10 Launcher
Developer: Techvision Systems
Price: Free+
  • Home10 Launcher Screenshot
  • Home10 Launcher Screenshot
  • Home10 Launcher Screenshot

6. Launcher 10

The Launcher 10 is somewhat like the above-mentioned launchers only. However, it has its own set of features and options. The app has altogether better colors and customization options. The Facebook, twitter, the stock market and wither widgets are more than just impressive. There are so many additional features in the launcher that would get availed to you on making a certain payment. The tiles of the launcher have a realistic look. The colors can be made to oak more vibrant through certain customization options.

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7. Windroid Launcher

The Windroid Launcher is yet another android launcher that is a style variant. Unlike other launchers, it will not configure the home screen as the windows phone. Apart from that, you will experience the desktop version of the Windows. You will get all the features of the Windows. For those users who want a completely different look to their Android smartphone must download this App and surprise your friends.

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8. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher literally has something new in it. Although, Nova Launcher is not exactly going to make the look of your android into the windows, however, it would somewhat make it resemble the windows themes. Nova launcher is comparatively more flexible. It has its features locked behind the premium version that needs some cash to get unlocked.

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Talking about the customizations and appearance, the launcher offers a lot. You can easily do the changes and make your own theme. In the prime version of the App, it will unlock more features like Gesture, Unread Counts, Custom Drawer Groups, Hide Apps and more.


There is uncountable Windows Launcher for Android. You can use any one of the above-mentioned or experiment any one according to your wish. Do check the reviews and ratings for having a better version of the launcher in your phone. Let’s us know which launcher performed the best for you.


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