Top 5 Best YouTube Alternative Video Site

Best YouTube Alternative Video Site

YouTube is the number one video site and it is often thought that there is no alternative of the site. In reality there are many Youtube alternatives and some of the sites are even a popular place for the soaps and TV serials. They are streamed live in the sites and that makes them even more special than YouTube. Here is the list of the five best alternatives of the popular Video network. Just check the list and keep them bookmarked. They are going to give you a perfect support, especially when you are searching for a rare video.

youtube alternatives

Best Alternatives to Youtube

1.Daily Motion 

Daily Motion is a video site that has its origin from the time of YouTube. The video channel was started in Paris and in the same year of YouTube in 2005. The tool is one of the popular channels and it is the source, where you will get the TV serials all across the world, just half an hour after the show is telecasted live. This is one of the biggest speciality of the site.

Daily Motion


Metacafe is the video site that is even more older than YouTube. The site is there since 2003. It is having three broad segments into it – music, movies and Games. However, YouTube with the help of the search engine has shown a bigger power and enhanced in the market, much ahead than this tool. The collection and the choice of the site videos are excellent and you can try it once. You will find that this one is definitely a good alternative of YouTube.



Vimeo site came in the market as a great funny video collection site and it is still a great tool for such things. Popular and hit songs and other music files are available in the site. The video quality that you will find in the site are not that good as that of the other two sites, but the wide collection of videos will please you a lot. The site has been operating since 2004 and still now it is one of the best video sites for the funny videos.



Veoh is an US based video channel that is popular in showing the styles and trends. You will get the full list of videos of the TV serials and the Movies in this channel. Buffering is least in this site, but the speciality of the site is its widest collection in the two sections mentioned above. The network has started from 2006.



This is a New York based video channel, that focuses on the web based series. It is a real entertaining video site for you and for your friends, where all sorts of series including those for the kids and yourself. The best thing that you will get in the site is a complete collection that has been started since 2005.


The video support that you are going to get in the above five tools are really good and they can be regarded as the best tool for your purpose. Just check them once and you will find how much supporting they are for you.

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