Buying Guide for purchasing Ideal Washing Machine


If you’re thinking to buy a washing machine, first you need to understand your requirements. Then your price demands whether if that is getting fit in your needs or not. Furthermore, what best you can do, you can get that from our buying guide for purchasing an ideal washing machine.

While buying it, people mostly get confused between buying the semi-automatic or fully automatic. Believe me, and this is just not all you should be thinking of. You need to focus functions, features, load type and capacity as different machines come with different specifications.Let’s discuss things in details:

What are semi-automatic machines?

Semi-Automatic are low-end level and has two tubs mostly. One for washing and one for drying. Comparing to fully automatic these machines are way too easy to use, and durability is more than fully automatic.

They run in short cycles that are the reason behind their lower price and less consumption of water and electricity. With the given fact that they are not entirely automatic. Nevertheless, you need to take off the clothes from one tub to another that is from the washer to dryer. And simply fewer features and function makes it less complicated easy to work

What are fully automatic machines?

The FULLY AUTOMATIC machines are for people who just want their work done without doing any labor. They are high-end appliances in our home due to these extra functions and features, their cost is way too high than semi ones, and they require proper maintenance too. These machines are away from manual interruptions and control.

It comes up with built-in heating and drying system, so just one push and your clothes are washed. Two types of fully automatic machines are there front loading and top loading. Front loading machines are heavy in weight as compared to top loading one but on the other side, front-loading is very gentle in washing clothes in fully automatic. They demand more maintenance than top load machines and costlier too.


We just see who is providing more features in less rate. There must be machines that will be doing this but the capacity will be less, and if your family or requirements are more then it will be a problem. The washing machine is the long-term product in the house. So we must choose it wisely depending on how many clothes we need to wash on a daily basis or weekly.

For example: if you’re just two people, who will be using the machine then your clothes won’t weight more than 5-6 kg so that you can buy one with less capacity but if your family is big enough like 5-6 members then you should go for more than 8 kg.

Another important factor is the frequency of wash. Like, in how many days you wash? If you have got a big family, then you must go after larger capacity as overloading machine can give adverse impact to wash and overall performance.


Loading option is another necessary part to look after. As depending upon the area, you live if that is flexible to afford good quantity of water and electricity or not. Front load machines save you more water and energy.

  • FRONT LOADING: The door to put clothes is in front that is why they are known as front-loading.Their phenomenon washing is of long cycles for a better wash. These machines are high-end machines.This groundbreaking technology requires less water as compared to top load. Maybe, this is the reason their price is higher than top load machines.
    Such machines even provide the settings according to the type of clothes and its fabric if you want to wash in hot water and fabric is delicate.You can even slow down the spinner in the setting.Moreover, you can dry them a lot quicker without damaging the quality of clothes. They are made up of the horizontal tub which helps in washing efficiently.
  • TOP LOADING: As the name says its type. All the clothes are loaded from the upper part as it has the vertical tub and the lid is placed on the top. These machines are low-end machines with fewer features. Very much user-friendly and comes at the low price, but these machines require water more than front load.
    These are very comfortable machines as. their main benefit is their ergonomist design. These machines are compact and light in weight and easily movable or draggable in homes. Due to top load, you would be able to put more clothes even in between. Overall, these machines are very durable.


Here functionality refers to fully automatic machines. Whether you want to push one button and get it all done or you want to go for less priced and machines which require less maintenance.


Washing Options: Every company has its washing options. We need to concentrate on heavy, normal or ok option. Which helps to wash different clothes in different modes like if your clothes are woolen or dry fit, etc.
Auto Select: The particular option is for those who don’t want to give much time to functions and play around with them. This option automatically decides by the base of load type.
Smart/Quick Wash: This feature is the most common feature in almost every washing machine which lets you wash your clothes in just one quick shot.
Child Lock: If you’re in a family where there are children who keep playing then this option is a must need. This lets you lock the rotator and machine
Machine Protection: this option enables you to protect the physical parts of the machine by rodents.
Hot Wash: Most of the machines these days come with the temperature setting. Which makes you wash clothes in hot water if necessary.

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