Entertainment for the whole family – the best next-gen console games for the whole family

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Would you like to introduce your children to your love of gaming? Or maybe it’s your kids who are urging you to play together, but you don’t know what you could possibly play? Rest assured, we got your back. Today we present the best games you can play with the whole family. Let us inspire you to spend time playing as a family! What are the most interesting family games the latest generation of consoles have to offer us?

Why should you play console games with your children?

Many scientific studies have shown that console games stimulate a child’s mental processes and make him or her think. The child rapidly absorbs knowledge from the virtual world. Therefore, make good use of the time spent in front of the computer by offering your child meaningful games. Provide your child with games that can teach him or her something good, and of course are in line with their interests, e.g. provide knowledge about the cosmos or dinosaurs that fascinate them. Sometimes playing on the console helps with learning. If your little one is having trouble learning to count or read, or you would like him to expand his English vocabulary, offer him games to help him do this. Games also have an indirect effect on your child’s physical development. Mastering the operation of a modded PS5 controller is no mean feat, but when a child will do it, games will develop their reflexes, patience and perseverance, speed of decision-making and eye-hand coordination. So, in short, a personalised Xbox series X controller or PS in your hand and off you go!

The best next-gen console games for the whole family

Although it is a common misconception that games are primarily aimed at children, the truth is quite different. Most of the titles that are popular and appreciated by gamers were created with an adult audience in mind, and these titles are full of brutality and vulgarity. So if you want to let your children play on a console, be sure to choose the right titles for them.  Below you will find our ranking of the most interesting games for both Xbox One and Series S & X consoles. Let’s get started.

The most interesting family-friendly PS5 games

Sports games

Let’s start with something quiet that will interest both children and their parents. Sports games during family game night are just as essential as personalised PS5 controllers for gamers. What PS5 games do we recommend? FIFA invariably wins here, but other sports are also gaining in popularity, such as NBA 2K Playgrounds and Everybody’s Golf. Any of these will make your family game night complete.

LEGO® games

LEGO® offers a truly sizable base of titles available on PS5. LEGO® games will be fun for the whole family. Parents, for a sentimental journey back to their childhood days, and kids thanks to dynamic storylines and great graphics. Another plus point is that some of the games are logical, others are adventurous and others develop reflexes – something for everyone. Some of the most interesting titles include: LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes 2, LEGO® Brawls and LEGO® Builder’s Journey.

Creative games

These games are all about the child’s mental development. Creative games foster creative abilities in the child and teach through play. Games such as Minecraft, Concrete Genie or LEGO® Worlds are particularly valuable for development.

Party games

Nothing screams family game night like family party games. They’re great entertainment for the whole family that entertains and develops at the same time. This category includes something for music lovers, such as Just Dance 2022, but also something more ambitious, such as the physics-based platform game Human: Fall Flat.

Racing games

Last but not least, there is a true family classic: racing games that allow both children and their parents to prove themselves. What racing games do we recommend for the whole family? The highest rated are Team Sonic Racing, Rocket League and the legendary Hot Wheels Unleashed™. Also, call the family and sit down to play. And if you don’t have enough controllers for you all, create your own PS5 controller today.

The most interesting family-friendly Xbox One, Series X & S games

Sports games

The Xbox also offers an extensive library of games for children and adults. Obviously titles such as FIFA,Tennis World Tour 2 or NBA are available on Xbox, but apart from that we also have Kinect Sports Rivals, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. Definitely worth searching the Microsoft library! We guarantee you’ll find something the whole family will enjoy.

Creative games

The youngest gamers on Xbox consoles have nothing to complain about either. They’ll play titles such as Minecraft, Concrete Genie and Minecraft Dungeons on this console too. Creative games on the Xbox are a definite top among parents.

Party games

Party games are great entertainment for the whole family. There is something for everyone in this category. With the family, you can opt for the classics and play Monopoly Madness, or go in a different direction and try Twelve Minutes, Overcooked! or Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master!

Racing games

Racing games allow both the little ones and their parents to prove themselves. For the whole family, we again recommend Team Sonic Racing, Rocket League and Rush. And for the older ones, DiRT Rally or Forza Horizon 5.

Entertainment for the whole family

Console gaming with your family can be an unforgettable event in the lives of children and adults. It’s a great opportunity to get closer and spend enjoyable time together. However, this is not the only thing that matters. Playing on a console can also support a child’s psychomotor development and improve their brain function. So there are no excuses! Host a game night with your children today!

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