Fun things to do on your phone to kill time 

It can be tough to find things to do when you’re bored. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fun things you can do on your phone to kill time. So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

Read the news

Reading the news is easily one of the most popular and easy methods for killing time. Staying in the know can be fun and very beneficial in the long run. Check out your local news, or connect with a global audience with apps like Apple News and Reddit. Or, if you want more in-depth coverage, get an NPR membership to access their vast library of audio news reports.

Learn something new

If you have got a little bit of a spare moment to kill, why not learn something new? TED has a collection of talks on topics from science to social issues. You can also download podcasts or audiobooks if you prefer human narration over text content.

Education is a great way to kill some time as an adult and expand your mind at the same time!

Scroll on social media

If you’re feeling nostalgic, take a trip down memory lane by scrolling through old posts on your social media apps. You can also make new memories with friends by using these apps to stay in touch.

Travel the world

Do you like geography? There are plenty of apps that let you explore maps of different countries and regions around the world. Check out the London Underground Tube Map to learn more about travel in London, or play Geography Drive USA to learn about landmarks across America.

Learn a new language

If you’re looking to kill some time with something productive, practice your foreign language skills with apps like Duolingo. Test your knowledge of different countries’ flag symbols, states, and capitals with Geography Drive World.

Play online poker

You can play real money online poker at the touch of a button now. These sites give you a chance to master your skills and make new friends. It’s a great way to kill time while practicing strategy and learning something new.

Watch TV

Instead of wasting time flipping through channels on cable or watching endless videos on YouTube, get an app that lets you stream TV for free. You can watch live broadcasts or enjoy episodes on-demand.

Play some games

The internet is full of fun games you can enjoy right now! Find violent shooting games, racing games, and other types of games that will kill some time while challenging your skills.

Find some cool new apps

Everyone needs a break now and then, so take some time to explore new apps. Check out the latest trends on Apple’s App Store or peruse Google Play for cool apps you can install on your phone.


Everyone knows YouTube, but do you know how to use it? If you’re looking for something fun to do on your phone, look up “random” videos on YouTube.

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