Generating Leads with Video Marketing

Did you know by the year 2021, people will spend around 100 minutes a day watching videos on the internet? This trend will continue to grow in the coming days as well. Video content can be both entertaining and informative. Also, people need less time to gather knowledge on a particular topic from videos than from other types of content.

How Effective Is Video Content?

Video content is more engaging than plain text content, infographic, and simple images. Don’t believe us? Let us see what other smart marketers like you have to say about video content. According to thousands of video marketers, video content is crucial for positive ROI. Moreover, 92% of them agreed that video content makes their marketing strategy more effective.

How to Get More Engagement from Video Content?

Now that we know how effective video content is let us see how to conduct a successful video campaign.

Promotion Tips

Even if you create stunning video content for your next marketing campaign, it might not get the views that you are expecting. Along with other factors that you have control to manipulate, the lack of proper promotion is an important one.

There are a couple of ways you can promote your video, and adding them with your email newsletters is the most effective one. Email is still the number one medium of communication. According to an estimate, 3.9 billion people around the world use mail, and 306.4 billion emails are exchanged every day. A smart marketer will not forget to tap into this source for higher engagement. Remember that you should entice your readers to watch your video. A snapshot of what people can learn from this video can help with that. A short video preview in your email body can show the recipients why they should check out your content.

If you have not yet built a good email list, you can start today. It will not take that long. There are a handful of tools that let you find the verified emails of your target market., are some of them. One more tool is SignalHire. People love this online tool, as it is very easy to use, and it comes with a browser extension. Check more info on SignalHire.

Tell A Story

No matter what your video’s subject is, the way you present it has everything to do with how many views it will get. If you think about it, for a particular topic, there are at least a million videos on YouTube. For certain topics, the number of public videos is even higher.

You cannot expect to stand out from the crowd if you aren’t offering something new and beautifully present your info. Remember, 300 hours of video are shared daily on YouTube. That is a lot of video content. Storytelling is the best option if you want your viewers to be able to relate to your content.

Define Your Marketing goals

You might make a video for no purpose at all. Maybe you like entertaining people. But a business that is putting in the money and effort to make video content has some expectations from it.

Maybe they are aiming to make their product more appealing to their target market with a new product video. Or maybe they want to make the on-boarding process for their software easier for the general public.

Whatever the reason might be, unless they use an appealing CTA, marketers will not see high conversions. So, before even making the video, you must draft down what marketing goals you want to accomplish.

Share on Social Media

If you can manage to get your video viral, views will stack up automatically. You will not have to put in any extra effort. But how do you make it go viral?

Up until now, every video that has gone viral owns its success to social media. Someone shares a video that attracts ten other people from their friend list. If they share the video too, they attract another ten people. Do you see how the views start to stack up? It is like a domino effect.

After your video is ready, you should share it on social media. Use a nice caption, and hashtag with it. And if the content starts receiving more and more engagement, do not shy away from replying to your viewer’s comments.

But before you make a video go viral, you must figure out which community you want it to become viral in. If you post a video, and it goes viral with a target segment who aren’t looking for your product, the ultimate result of the video campaign will be futile.

Embed on Website

If you have evergreen video content, you should embed that on your business website’s landing page. Evergreen content refers to a certain type of content that does not grow old. People will still look for that info after decades.

Even if you do not have evergreen video content, you should try to figure out a way to embed your other videos on your website. For instance, add an unboxing video to your product page. This video demonstration will help your buyers be more confident when placing an order.

Experiment with Different Types Video

There is not only one type of video. There are different genres and different video styles. Explainer, Animation, How-to, Testimonial, End-of-year are only a few types of video that you must experiment with.

Each of these video types appeals to different people with different tastes. Also, they are suited for particular scenarios. For instance, if you want to explain a concept or show how your product works, your best option is to go with an Explainer video.

On the other hand, if you want to build credibility for your business, making a Testimonial video is the right thing to do. When people hear from your happy and satisfied customers, they will feel more comfortable making a purchase themselves too.

Finally, remember that the success of any video campaign rests on how creative you get. Monitoring your stats and playing along with your viewership’s interest is a time-consuming process. Still, in the end, marketers get a chance to polish their campaigns and offer viewers what love and need.

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