Google is All set to Phase-Out Old Gmail design

gmail new design

After introducing the much anticipated recent early adopter program recently, Google is all set to launch the new design overhaul for Gmail in coming July. The new design includes various elements from the Google’s guidelines for Material Design. Creating a harmony amongst the web and mobile users of the Google’s platform.

New Gmail Design to Roll Out From Next Month | Best Features

Here are the features that we find out are worth mentioning.

1. Smart Replies

The implementation of smart replies, a feature that holds a privileged position in the Android systems, soon can be simulated on the web as well. Snooze and Smart Reply are both currently part of Google’s Inbox app for Gmail, going to assimilating the web space after the successful phase-out of the old design.

2. Nudge

There will be new snooze feature called ‘Nudge’, where users can dismiss the emails based on priority, should you choose to reply to them after the certain period of time – giving the robust grasp over the email management.

3. New Layouts

Google is providing three new layouts to choose from, including a default view that highlights attachments like documents and photos, a comfortable view that doesn’t highlight attachments and a compact view that increases the number of messages you can see on a single page. The compact view is the most similar to the existing Gmail design, allowing existing users to keep a similar layout.

4. Other changes.

Superficial changes also integrate the Google’s Office suite to the Gmail, bring Tasks, Calendar, and note-taking services alongside the current messaging apps.

Other than this Google is also adding the improved phishing control giving a confidential mode. It will allow the users to send emails that can be infused with expiration period, one-time password, preventing the forwarding, copying, downloading or printing of emails and revoking the previously sent emails.

Timeline for the release cycle of new design

The administrators will have following options at their disposal after the July launch. Giving adequate time and space for the users to adapt to the new change.

  1. Immediately transition their users to the new Gmail. For a period of time, users will still have the option to opt out.
  2. Allow their users to opt into the new Gmail at the time of their choice. For a period of time, users will still have the option to opt out.
  3. Wait approximately four weeks until their users are allowed to opt into the new GmailFor a period of time, users will still have the option to opt out.

After the eight months, the users who haven’t been evolved Gmail will be automatically migrated to the new experience.

It has been noticed that Google is moving forward with the business-centric model, rather than the consumerists approach. It will be seen, how this will entangle with the other popular office suits such as outlook. One can, without doubt fairly speculate that Google is ready for poaching in the highly competitive market.


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