Great Ideas on How to Deal With Loud Mac Fan Noise

Working on a computer that is too loud is not a fun experience. The problem can get out of hand if you are on a deadline and cannot concentrate despite your best efforts.

Things might have been perfect when you purchased a Macbook at first, but you will encounter a loud noise coming from the fans sooner or later. That does not mean you should start to look for a new computer.

No, there are still a lot of things you can do to salvage the situation, especially if the problem is recent and has not been going for a long time. You will find some great ideas below, so be sure to read and implement them to reduce the mac fan noise.

Idea #1 – Make Sure the OS Is Updated

An out-of-date system is bound to cause performance problems. Each update introduces stability, new features, security patches, and overall improvements to the system. It might not seem like the most obvious solution, but it helps to have the most recent version of the OS.

Speaking of the OS, you may also want to consider reinstalling it, especially if the problem persists after trying other ideas.

Idea #2 – Free up Disk Space

Macbooks are not known for large drive disks. Therefore, plenty of users struggle to keep every file on the computer. And when you run out of disk space, it is natural that there will be problems, including overworked internal fans of the computer.

Freeing up disk space should be one of your priorities if you only have a few free gigabytes left. Look to remove temporary junk like caches, delete old applications, email attachments, and downloads.

Using streaming services will mean you no longer need to keep most of the large media files on the Macbook. Finally, make use of clouds like Dropbox and iCloud and transfer some data there.

Idea #3 – Clean the Filth Inside

The filth inside can run out of hand if you are not careful. Cleaning dirt and dust is something you need to do regularly. And in case you have no idea how to do everything properly, take the computer to someone who has done it before and can help you with his or her experience.

Removing the filth will allow you to enjoy more than just a quieter computer. It should also make a significant difference in boosting the overall performance. 

Idea #4 – Run Hardware Tests

Dedicating some time and running thorough hardware tests will also show you a bigger picture of what is wrong with the computer. Perhaps there are some internal problems that are causing this noise. 

If you encounter something suspicious, think whether you can solve the problem at hand yourself. Perhaps taking the Macbook to a repair service store is a better option instead of taking a risk and damaging the computer.

People at the repair store might also be the best solution to fixing the problem period. So no matter how you look at it, the visit is worth the time.

Idea #5 – Free up Memory Usage

Look at which apps are consuming the most memory and other resources. Activity Monitor allows you to sort the processes and get a better picture of what you should do about certain applications.

Consider what you can shut down without causing more problems to the computer system. There should also be some apps that you can remove completely. 

As for the ones that require the most resources but cannot be removed, perhaps you can replace them with better alternatives? For example, there are a lot of different browsers, and finding one that does not put such a strain on the system is worth the effort.

Idea #6 – Scan for Potential Malware

A virus can cause more problems than you expect. There are a lot of different cybersecurity threats, and they can make the situation unbearable despite you being an average Apple user.

And the problems include loud fan noises. Once again, it all adds up and leads to a multitude of issues. Be sure that there is antivirus scanning the computer all the time. 

If you have not used an anti-malware tool, get one and scan the system immediately. Remove any corrupted files from the computer. It should lead to a better situation.

Idea #7 – Improve Air Circulation

Air circulation is something you can improve even if the room is in a pretty bad place. Summers are the worst as you have to fight the heat from the outside.

Get an air conditioner. Purchasing a cooling pad for a Macbook will also solve a lot of issues. But do not treat it as the only solution. Rather think of the cooling pad as an accessory that helps with the issue. You will still need to clean the dust inside regularly and do everything else to ensure that the computer is in top shape.

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